1 in 8 people will not buy Christmas gifts for family and friends with opposing views on COVID


1 in 8 people have openly admitted that they will not buy gifts this winter for friends and family who have a different COVID-19 position than theirs.

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It appears that a difference of opinion on public health and politics may affect our gifting habits this year. 1 in 8 people have openly admitted that they will not buy gifts this winter for friends and family who have a different COVID-19 position than theirs. The global coronavirus pandemic has been going on for almost 20 months and has become even more vitriolic in recent months. Friendships are over and family members are at odds and can find themselves at a breaking point as Christmas sneaks up on us.

As a result, some take it personally and have decided not to waste their hard-earned money on someone they don’t agree with at all. Apparently, every year Coinstar makes a vacation survey to see how people will spend their money during the holiday season and also ask what they will do for gifts in their own home. There were 2,007 survey respondents and 13% of them said they were taking advantage of offering a gift to a family member or friend with opposing views on COVID-19 , simply showing how divisive our current culture is.

There weren’t any more details than that, so we’re not sure exactly why the freebies won’t be offered. Fortunately, the whole poll was not as negative as this one answer. Overall, 64% are looking forward to this next holiday season. In a common trend this year, just over half of those surveyed plan to buy fewer gifts this year than in previous years using their current finances. So if you don’t get someone’s gift this year, they just might not have it in this year’s budget.

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The majority of those who took this survey will spread the holiday cheer, which will hopefully make up for the growls among us. A third plan is to volunteer their time or money this holiday season. A third of respondents will also participate in more holiday activities this year as well. Many Americans enhance the holiday cheer by baking delicious treats, heading to holiday parties, and driving to look at the Christmas lights.

All of these results were printed by PR Newswire for Coinstar. There are a lot of divisions in our culture today due to the ongoing pandemic, but there is nothing wrong with not giving everyone a gift for the holidays. We all have too much stuff anyway, there are supply chain issues and the finances have not recovered. These are good reasons not to buy gifts if you want to avoid confrontation.

Source: Study results, Press release, CoinStar

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