10 inexpensive but meaningful Christmas gifts to give.


5. Give blood in honor of someone. Your blood is literally free. Take a selfie with your post-donation muffin and milkshake, and insert the photo into a card for them on Christmas Day to let them know they saved a life…and it’s time for another bubbly to celebrate .

6. Create a custom playlist. Do you remember the mixtapes? Burn CDs with perfect song retention? Bring it back.

It’s great for someone you’ve shared a lot of memories with: consider it a soundtrack to your relationship. Include some of their favorite songs, songs that have been important to both of you, songs that marked important moments, or songs that you think they might like. A completely free gift that feels good.

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7. Donate all you can to charity on their behalf. I’m just talking a few dollars. I know that never seems like a lot, but it all adds up.

8. Homemade sugar scrubs. If you have coconut oil, brown sugar, vanilla, and a strong arm to mix, you can deliver self-care and soft skin. There are loads of recipes online, and again, you can put them in a pretty mason jar with a ribbon.

9. If you’re crafty, think outside the box. I reached out to my Instagram audience about this topic and two submissions were particularly great. One said his artistic friend picked up a $2 apron and hand-painted it for him, and another went to an op-shop, gathered a bunch of jewelry in beads, cut the threads and redesigned them – creating totally unique jewelry for their pals. All they needed was fishing line and jewelry clasps.

10 hours. It’s a bit of a cheat because it’s not something you can put in a box and wrap it up, but how often do we let life get in the way and consume all of our time? I know that all my friends and family want from me is my time, my energy and my love. So make (free) plans to spend time together this time of year.

A final reminder that no one who loves you would expect a gift that could jeopardize your financial stability.

If you feel the need to let them know in advance that you are unable to give presents this year, do so.

Something wrapped in a ribbon doesn’t make you any more special, gifts are a “nice to have”, but you are infinitely more precious than a scented candle.

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