$10,000 in Christmas gifts for Knox Co. families thanks to the TikTok star


Knoxville, Tenn. (WVLT) – A Knoxville TikTok star has raised thousands of dollars to buy 250 Christmas gifts for kids raised by their grandparents or other parents.

Leslie Segla had the idea to fundraise and then buy gifts online last year. But this year, she got bigger. She received 250 gifts for the Grandparents as Parents program with the Knoxville-Knox County Community Action Committee.

“Not one giveaway is the same and I think that’s the cool thing about it,” Segla said.

She received donations and then bought gifts like airpods, dolls and balls.

“With a single income family, times get tough,” said Angela Burchfield, a grandmother raising two grandsons, “It’s heartwarming, really. Because they wouldn’t be getting gifts like this- ci if it wasn’t for programs like this.There’s no way we could do that.

Segla chose to donate the gifts to the Grandparents Program as parents because Segla’s grandmother took her in after her mother passed away.

“I remember her like she needed just as much help. And it’s hard to know what kids want when you’ve already raised kids and they’ve already been out of the house, and then to raise them again.

Segla also received 50 gift cards to help homeless teens as well as a $500 check for Isaiah House.

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