15 Stunning Golden Christmas Decorations for the Holiday Season


Bright and decadent, gold is a classic color choice when it comes to decorating your festive interior. It pairs beautifully with traditional greenery like mistletoe, and can also be given a contemporary twist with the addition of glitter. Gold Christmas decorations make a bold style statement in your home, perfect if you like an opulent look.

“Christmas is a time to bring some gold into your home, especially if you favor more neutral colors throughout the year,” says Melissa Williams, director of MW Studio. “If you want to add a warm, inviting glow, then gold is your friend.”

A little gold goes a long way, so whether you opt for elegant gold baubles, an eye-catching gold wreath or cozy gold Christmas lights, you’re sure to make your home instantly more special.

What colors work best with gold Christmas ornaments?

When it comes to styling gold Christmas ornaments, work them in a traditional color palette for a look that’s both classic and luxurious. It will also make your home cozy, thanks to the warm shade of gold.

Sam Hood, co-founder and creative director at Amara, agrees: “Gold has a long association with Christmas and holiday decorations. It pairs particularly well with other colors often considered festive, such as deep reds and deep greens, and conveys a sense of opulence. It also has a warmer feel than comparable white metals.

“Gold is a very luxurious tone to include in a color palette, and you can really make the most of it by pairing it with royal reds and gorgeous greens.” Remember, with gold, a little goes a long way. You should look to include it as an accent, rather than a dominant color.

How to integrate gold into my festive interior?

As tempting as it may be to use gold everywhere and everywhere when decorating for Christmas, experts recommend trying a less is more approach. Sam suggests adding some gold to your Christmas interior through accessories: “Ornate candlesticks, ornaments or even textiles, such as cushions and throws, are great ways to introduce some flair. gold in your color palette.”

Lisa Cooper, Product Manager at Thomas Sanderson, Lisa Cooper agrees: “Staging golden wreaths on a mantelpiece or around your front door can add seasonal accents, perfect for injecting Christmas spirit. traditional in your space. Don’t forget to add some sparkle to your golden decorations, which will reflect the light and incorporate a touch of magic into your room.

What are the best types of gold Christmas ornaments?

Like any other decoration purchase, Christmas ornaments – especially eye-catching ones like gold designs – are best chosen thoughtfully and with personal taste, as well as versatility in mind.

Melissa suggests investing wisely in your gold decorations: “Look for pieces that you absolutely love – think ‘buy once, keep forever’ – then put them in the spotlight among more generic decorations such as simple gold baubles and garlands Opt for decorations that you could use outside of the holiday season – perhaps a gold cachepot or a candle holder Then when you want to create that warm feeling at different times of the year, you can take them out again.


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