21 parents share their Christmas gifts for their children.


3. “We’re giving my son (and the whole family) a new puppy this Christmas – he knows it (he has to choose it) and is so excited. Then Santa gives him a set of Pokemon balls and we l ‘Got lots of little treats – pajamas, Roald Dahl books, an origami set, and a totem tennis shoe. Plus, he’ll get a million things from his grandparents! “

4. “Our family gift is a week away with many trips to galleries and exhibitions. On Christmas Day, each family member buys a gift for just $ 10 to give to another person. That’s it. We try very hard not to get caught up in the mega giveaways. “

5. “For our beautiful five month old newborn baby, I searched for second-hand gifts – so many baby clothes, toys and books are in perfect second-hand condition because they grow so fast. also a handmade Christmas decoration to put on the tree. “

6. “This Christmas we are giving my daughter gymnastic mats and arts and crafts, and my son is given a pogo stick and a DIY clock. Santa is giving the children a gift. stock of small gifts – lip balm, underwear, a favorite chocolate. Santa is the spirit of giving rather than a true entity in our house, so they understand that all gifts come from mom and dad. “

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7. “We had to shut down our business this year due to COVID so things are a bit tight in our house. Over the past two months I have been collecting small pieces from the op shop. Our kids are little, four and two years old so they really don’t notice if something is new or used. I bought some good books for 50c for $ 1 and nice toys like shape sorters and blocks for a few dollars . I think I got them enough presents now and I probably spent $ 30 or $ 40 total! My husband just got a new job last week so we can plan a little more Christmas dinner now , which is awesome. “

8. “Santa brings them each a large LEGO set and Christmas stockings, and then we give them tickets to Frozen and a few things that we think they would like. We don’t have a formula for our gifts, but the big gifts always come from us and Santa Claus brings the smallest gifts. “

9. “Mine are teenagers so they want some pretty expensive gifts now – PlayStation, purse etc. I keep notes in my phone when they mention something they would like and I keep them to buy them. for Christmas (or their birthday). I have a spreadsheet where I keep track of what I bought to make sure everyone gets the same number of gifts and the value is the same. “

10. “Santa Claus only makes one little toy for each of my children – someone told me a few years ago that Santa Claus shouldn’t give big gifts because then he gives big gifts to the kids from the richer families and little gifts to the lesser kids – the wealthy families that could be confusing and upsetting. That made sense, so now he’s bringing a little LEGO kit, or a set of beads, or something Their big giveaway from us this year is boogie boards and new swimmers for our beach vacation.

11. “I have two active teenagers, 16 and 15. In the midst of our mid-year blockages, they got together and found a home gym for sale at Rebel. They gave it to us as a gift. Christmas Day, so we’re done! Of course, we’ll give them Christmas stockings for the day – lollipops, clothes, books, but it will be a very easy Christmas this year. “

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