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There’s a time and a place to give a classic gift – and Christmas isn’t one of them. While some people on your holiday shopping list may prefer something more traditional (say, your sweet grandma or your hard-to-please teenager), stretch your creativity by buying your loved ones one of these Christmas gifts. Unique Christmases this year. With gift ideas for your kids, parents, loved ones, best friend and co-workers, you’re bound to find something to surprise and delight.

Some of these ideas may seem unusual (a monthly meat subscription, need we say more?), but really, their quirky and unconventional nature is part of their charm. Think about it: if you’re trying to find the perfect gift for your mom or dad who seems to have it all (or so they say), you might as well pick something they’d never buy for themselves. or think of, for that matter. But just because you’re going the most personalized route doesn’t mean you’ll have to go over budget: all of these choices are very affordable, many even cost $10 with free shipping. See? It’s worth thinking more about their Christmas gifts, especially when you see their priceless reaction on Christmas morning.

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An easy way to impress mom or dad

Custom mixer

Cooking aid

If you’re already going to splurge on a KitchenAid, you might as well go the extra mile by fitting it into their kitchen. Once you’ve chosen the base color, choose from 16 bowl designs (ceramic or stainless) and engrave it with up to 24 characters.

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A popular choice for her

Terrarium candle

Giving someone a plant is a good thing in theory, but it often comes with unwanted responsibilities. These hand-poured candles are the perfect solution: they look like cacti and poppies, but don’t require watering, sunlight or maintenance.

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Something both parents will love

Personalized Scrabble Family Print

Express your love with this personalized print. Adding their first names is a no-brainer, but feel free to incorporate other words that describe how you feel about your family (“love” and “home,” for starters).


Pretty cool for your hip, TikTok-obsessed teen

custom neon sign

Light up any room with this neon sign, personalized with their name, mantra or any other phrase that will make their space feel more like home. Sort through 36 fonts and 12 colors until you find the perfect match.


Ideal for children and adults

amazing science

Your aspiring scientist will be delighted with the over 80 experiments in this book. Right next to the step-by-step instructions, they’ll learn more about how and why it works from a scientific perspective.

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Share it with friends or colleagues

hot chocolate bombs

Drop these holiday-inspired hot chocolate bombs into a mug full of hot milk and watch them melt away. The end result: rich hot chocolate, loaded with mini marshmallows, peppermint chunks, and glows of festive cheer (red and green sprinkles).

Bright colors and fun patterns make this ceramic tote a standout accent piece on any nightstand or vanity. To make sure they know it’s theirs, personalize it with their initials or a three-letter monogram.


Shiitake Mushroom Log Kit

Step 1: Soak the log filled with spores in water and let it sit in a cool, damp place. Step 2: After six weeks, chop up a handful of shiitake and toss them into salads, sauté them with sauces, or toss them into other grilled recipes for a bite of earthy flavor.

Perfect for the new mom or the one about to empty her nest, this written name necklace is a sweet way to keep her children close to her heart. Choose a silver or gold chain, then send up to four names to the Etsy seller.

Porter Road

Designed for carnivores, this subscription box filled with beef and pork is delivered right to their door on a three, six or nine month basis.


Etched Skyline Wine Glass

An ideal find for someone who has recently moved from home or is just proud to live in a big city, this stemless wine glass is etched with the skyline of one of the 29 major US cities of your choice.


charging cord bracelet

There’s hidden power inside this braided leatherette band: beyond its sleek and stylish look, the best choice charges compatible phones and tablets.


Cinderella wearable blanket

Your little prince or princess will feel (and look) like royalty when snuggled up in this iconic Cinderella blue robe-like blanket. Pair it with a tiara and wand for a complete gift.

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Even on the coldest winter days, this Bluetooth-enabled knit keeps them warm while they listen to music, podcasts and audiobooks. Since it connects to their phone, they can also answer phone calls hands-free.

After all the true crime documentaries they watch, chances are they have the skills to solve their own cases. Although the cases in this game are not real, the 50 fake photos and evidence documents are a great way to put their detective skills to the test.


Custom First Dance Song Print

Since their wedding gift was a registry find, go for something more personal this time around. Not only does this framed print feature the lyrics to their first dance song, it also has the exact constellation of the time and place of their special moment.

Align this projector on any wall to turn a blank slate into 60″ to 150″ of pure entertainment. Now they won’t have to imagine what it’s like to watch Yellowstone on the big screen.


USA National Parks Scratch Poster

Give them inspiration for the year (okay, decade) ahead with this scratch map highlighting all 61 US national parks. Consider it their wall-worthy bucket list.

No pet owner can resist seeing their fur baby’s face engraved on a gold, silver or rose gold pendant. Before placing your order, convince them to send a recent photo of their pet, so it’s as accurate as possible.


Gardening kit with bottle cap

Once they’ve plugged the neck of their wine bottle with one of three bottle tops filled with soil and seeds, they’ll patiently wait for edible flowers (cosmos, marigolds, or zinnias) or grasses to appear. (basil, dill and parsley).

Just in case she needs another reminder, this bracelet in gold, silver or rose gold tells your sister (or friend who is practically your sister) how special she is. Since the stainless steel is adjustable, she can also adapt it to the size of her wrist.


3D dinosaur night light

Also for a gift dino-moth as they are, give them this color-changing T-rex light. It’s 3-D, which means it doubles as a small (but mighty) desktop companion.


Heat Changing Constellation Mug

The Guild of Unemployed Philosophers

At first it looks like a speckled black mug. Once they fill it with their morning coffee or tea, it maps the night sky with easily identifiable constellations.

Perfect for your friend on the go who appreciates the finer things in life (yes, gin), this travel kit comes with all the non-alcoholic ingredients to make three G&Ts.


Dream Decoder: 60 cards to unlock your unconscious

Have you ever woken up to a text saying something like “I had the craziest dream last night”? Next time it happens, remind them to pull out this illustrated deck of cards to decipher the true meaning of their dream.

You already have Alexa, so now is the time to let your kids join in the fun. Pair this smart light with your other Alexa devices, so you always have parental control.


Great last minute gift

3 month subscription

If she can’t start or end her day without sipping a cup of tea, replenish her supply with four boxes of teas from brands like Pukka and Teapigs each month. Each box comes with a 15 cup guarantee, but if it re-infuses (true tea lovers know what happens) it will get up to 45 cups.


Goodnight Stories for Rebellious Girls: 100 Immigrant Women Who Changed the World

Let the short, heartwarming stories of incredible women, from Rihanna to Anne Hidalgo, inspire them to lead lives of change no matter where their roots are tied.


Acupressure Ear Seed Kit

Relieve tension, stress or pain the traditional Chinese medicine way with this home acupressure kit. Simply stick one of 40 Swarovski crystal seeds on each ear in the right place to target hundreds of acupressure points.

Give a witty friend a place to write it all down. A portion of the proceeds are donated to World Central Kitchen, an organization that supports local restaurants and feeds frontline workers.


Book of Plants Art Print

Choose from one of five sizes, then frame this print for an easy gift. They are free to place it on a shelf, integrate it into their library (it makes sense!) or hang it on the wall.

Your handyman will find many ways to use these light-up gloves. Instead of using their phone, headlamp or flashlight to light their way, they can put a fresh pair of batteries in these gloves to see what they’re working with – literally.


Women’s Waterproof Rain Hat

Keep her curls intact, no matter the rain or humidity, with this satin-lined beanie. More than 2,000 Amazon shoppers gave it rave reviews, calling the hat’s secret ponytail pouch and over-the-ear flaps that keep headphones dry.


Fun for the whole house

Murder Mystery Puzzle

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