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Since teachers are such an important person in children’s lives, many receive Christmas presents from their students before they leave for winter vacation. Teachers love the feeling behind the gifts and love the gifts given to them. However, some of the gifts are received in bulk or are things they would never use and therefore do not. This is why it is useful to know which gifts teachers like to receive and which they have too many.

Parents want to make sure good teachers know they are valued. One of those times they do is during the holidays. And while it might seem cute to offer themed gifts or something that seems sentimental because most teachers spend money out of pocket on their class, practical gifts are among the best-received gifts. students could hand it over to their teachers. This can be something to keep in mind when trying to choose the perfect gift for childrens teachers.

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Here are the extra Christmas gifts teachers have and those they love to receive.

5. Teachers would like to receive: gift cards

While it may seem like an impersonal gift, gift cards are something teachers love to receive. And because virtually every business has them, they’re convenient to buy.

According to We are teachers, teachers spend all day giving. So, if they can receive gift certificates for pedicures, massages, or even restaurants, they receive a gift that allows them to focus on themselves.

If you are not comfortable buying a gift card for any of these services, choose from stores like Target, Amazon, coffee chains, etc. highest possible levels.

4. Teachers would like to receive: correspondence cards

For teachers who love to send handwritten notes to their students, helping them put together this collection of note cards makes a fantastic Christmas present.

According to Edutopia, when teachers send handwritten notes to their students at home, they are able to connect and motivate students. Being able to do this, according to the publication, makes children more willing to participate in class and ultimately perform better in school. For this reason, more and more teachers have taken this approach with their students to help them achieve as much as possible. As such, help teachers carry on this tradition by donating note cards this Christmas.

3. Teachers would like to receive: handmade cards

Many teachers have memory books where they keep handwritten maps and pictures that their students make outside of the classroom. It is something that they cherish. As such, have the children give their teachers some handmade cards.

According to KiddingAroundGreenville.com, teachers love to receive gifts and cards that their students make for them. They are something special and cherished. Therefore, if you are unsure of what to give teachers this year, have the children create a card. It will make their day.

2. Teachers would like to receive: a gift basket of favorite things

If it’s clear that teachers love sports teams, coffee, some classroom supplies, and more, prepare a basket with all of their favorites as a Christmas present.

According to BuzzFeed, when teachers have a clear love for something, this can be capitalized on to create a gift basket around that theme. To get answers about favorites, kids may need to ask their teachers what those favorites are. Once the information is known, the gift baskets can be filled and there will be nothing in them that the teachers will not like.

1. Teachers would like to receive: tickets for a show or concert

If teachers have expressed appreciation for a particular production or group that might come to the area, purchasing tickets is the perfect way to say “Merry Christmas”.

This giveaway would be a giveaway that the students would all participate in so that nice seats could be purchased. And if tickets can be for a while during the holiday season, so much the better so they can have fun without worrying about lesson plans or school.

4. Teachers Have Too Much: Scented Candles

Although they smell and look pretty, teachers are given too many scented candles as gifts.

Because it’s the holidays, candles are everywhere. And because of this, many are picked up as gifts because they smell good on the gift giver. However, it can be overwhelming for the recipient and, as such, will not eventually get used to.

Teachers may also receive too many that it takes months and months to go through them all. As such, a candle is not a good choice for the holidays.

3. Teachers Have Too Much: Apple-Themed Articles

Because of the association of teachers and apples, students like to give apple-themed gifts. It’s very likely; however, teachers are overwhelmed by these types of gifts.

According to Today, a teacher who is a veteran has probably amassed quite a few apple-related articles. Many do not need more. As such, if the teacher is new, an apple-themed item may work. But overall, they shouldn’t be given as gifts.

2. Teachers have too much: the cups

Children want to tell teachers how special they are. And a mug seems like a good way to do it. But given that teachers receive so many cups year after year, the cup is likely never to be used.

According to Hartford Current, teachers much prefer to have a handwritten map on a coffee mug. They are simply unable to use the ones they have and there is no more room to add to the collection.

1. Teachers have too much: ornaments

Because it is Christmas, ornaments abound that are specific to the teacher. And while they look adorable, they might never see the light of day on the tree.

For teachers who have been teaching for years, if they decorated their tree with the ornaments received from the students, there would be no room for the family ornaments. As such, whatever the sentiment behind the ornaments, they will likely be packaged with the Christmas boxes and not be used as part of the decor.

Source: We Are Teachers, Edutopia, KiddingAroundGreenville.com, BuzzFeed, Today, Hartford Courant

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