8 Christmas gifts for your partner that are secretly for you



Giving gifts is a good thing. Giving gifts when you know you will enjoy them too is even better. Whether it’s the meal kit from their favorite restaurant that you can also taste, the designer sweater they strength allow you to borrow every now and then, or the fancy multigroomer that protects you from rashes, smart gifts choose gifts with benefits.

Here are eight gifts that are secretly for you, too. Because sharing is caring.

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The WFH coffee machine

If they still split their work week between the office and home, then a decent coffee maker is pretty much essential. Buy them a stylish pod machine, such as the Nespresso Vertuo Next coffee maker, and you also make sure your own steady supply of caffeine, whether you live together or just want to know that you will get a decent latte when you stay. at your house.


The Dishoom kit at home

If you’ve ever lined up on a cold and rainy Sunday morning for Dishoom’s famous brunch with its signature naan rolls, then you’ll know what it is. Skip the line and order one of the restaurant’s take-home meal kits instead. Choose between the naan breakfast with bacon or vegan sausage or the delicious biryani feast. It’s up to you to decide if you cook or let your other half be the chef, but you are their plus one anyway.


The fancy multigroomer

If bae likes a close shave, or wants to grow a hipster beard to go along with his love of IPA, treat him to the Wahl 11-in-1 Stainless Steel Multigroomer. Used by professional barbers and rated “best long-lasting groomer” by Squire, it can do full haircuts, beard grooming, body grooming or ultra-precise detail shaving. Basically, it has everything your partner needs to stay groomed and gorgeous. (And if you need to use it to remove those random toe hairs, that’s fine, too.)


Cozy knitting

One of the underrated benefits of being in a relationship is that you can sometimes loot their wardrobe. Treat them to this oversized jacquard sweater and not only will it be chic and casual, but you strength borrow it for a lazy brunch.


Pocket Nintendo

Buy them a Nintendo Switch Lite and they’ll love you forever – isn’t that the saying? The portable gadget is perfect for any plane trip you take next year and if you bought it for them they will have to share it. Which means you can play this game with goose which annoys farmers for no reason. When you know, you know.


The personalized perfume

Eccentric molecules

£ 72.00

You may have heard of this cult perfume. Based on a single note (Iso E Super), it is designed to react with the wearer’s natural pheromones to create a totally unique scent. Which also means that if you happen to treat yourself to a spritz in the morning, it will smell completely different.


The guide to love

Get them in the mood for romance with Natasha Lunn’s Conversations about love, where she looks at love in all its forms: romantic, plutonic, familial, unrequited and lost, with the help of writers like Dolly Alderton, Juno Dawson and Candice Carty-Williams. Better yet, you can read it when they’re done.


The beard trimmer pro

In addition to its sleek multitools, Wahl also has a range of precision beard and beard trimmers that will help even the laziest loggers get back into shape after lockdown. Buy them the stainless steel beard and beard trimmer in glamorous black and gold, with moisturizing beard oil, and you will never have to worry about rashes or beard burns again.

Give them the gift of grooming this Christmas with the Wahl’s range of beard and body trimmers

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