A woman in Grantham raises funds by selling homemade accessories to buy Christmas gifts for less fortunate children


A Grantham businesswoman sells homemade accessories to raise funds to buy Christmas gifts for less fortunate children.

Stacey Jones, who runs Lola Beau, a business that sells accessories, home decor and gifts, creates and sells a wide range of accessories with the proceeds going towards gifts for a family that has been rocked by the pandemic .

So far, she has created bows, pom poms, hair accessories, scrunchies and bow ties for dogs, asking for a small contribution of £ 3.00 for each giveaway, which goes towards giveaways.

Stacey Jones with her designs. (53305172)

Stacey said, “I ran [something similar] last year for the MIND charity (a mental health charity) with everyone going through the lockdown and, because it took off so well and increased a lot for the charity there, I Thought why not do one again this year for the kids who aren’t as lucky as the others.

“I met a family that recently lost their job, they have five children. They’re just going back to work, but they got a little bit of debt during the time they didn’t have a job. I was just talking to him and thought I had to do something.

“[I want to ] make sure these kids have a good Christmas and raise as much money as possible for them. “

Once she collects the money, Stacey plans to go shopping for gifts for each of the children to open for Christmas.

She continued, “The people were so lovely. They brought things to my house like selection boxes and baskets.

“The main goal is this family first, but I’m going to see how it goes and I hope it can expand and I can help more families than just one, but my main goal was to help when I heard the story. “

Stacey purchases all of the materials herself, so all contributions can be used to purchase gifts.

To find out more, visit his Facebook page at: www.facebook.com/Lolabeau01


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