Amazon driver draws national attention by fixing Christmas decorations in Keizer


Tyrone Wallace fixes Christmas decorations while making a delivery to a Keiser house (Submitted).

The day started off as an ordinary Saturday morning for Tyrone Wallace.

As a delivery driver for Amazon, Wallace was driving around Keizer on Dec. 11 when he came across a house whose holiday decorations on the porch had been blown over by a windstorm the night before.

Wallace calmly set the package down on the porch, then took a few minutes to put the decorations back in their place.

After fixing the porch, Wallace waved at the security camera and went on with his day.

“I’ve done stuff like that before. I didn’t think I would ever be recognized for doing something like this. I just wanted to do the right thing,” Wallace said.

However, Wallace’s small act of kindness left a big impression on the recipient of the gesture.

Just before 10 a.m., Miriam Sierra received a notification from her security system that a package had been delivered. When she checked out the video footage, she saw Wallace fixing his decorations and was blown away by his willingness to do whatever he could to help.

“I was shocked at how strategically he put everything back together. He really took his time and was intentional,” she said. “It was amazing to see. I didn’t think people did things like that anymore. He just seemed like a really humble person.

Sierra reached out to Amazon to show her appreciation for Wallace’s willingness to go the extra mile. She then contacted KPTV to tell them about the video, which is when the story spread like wildfire. Sierra has been contacted by several media outlets across the country, wanting to know more about Wallace’s good deed.

“I had no idea it would gain so much recognition,” Sierra said. “I just felt like he needed recognition.”

Miriam was able to get in touch with Wallace via Facebook to thank him for his act of kindness. Wallace said he was touched by Sierra’s gratitude.

“The recognition has been amazing,” Wallace said. “It took me by surprise when she reached out. It was nice to talk to someone who really cared about me. Not everyone is as nice as Miriam.

Other than a few of his colleagues calling him “showbiz,” Wallace says his life really hasn’t changed much since the video, which is fine with him. He just hopes his story will motivate others to follow his example.

“We need more people to do the right thing,” Wallace said.


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