Amy Hart flaunts lavish Christmas decorations following backlash



Amy Hart showed fans her festive home decorations despite some criticizing her for getting into the festive mood early on.

The reality TV star is a huge fan of Christmas and has made it clear that November 2nd is coming, her countdown to December 25 begins.

Amy, 28, has already faced backlash from wild commentators after announcing her eagerness to hang up the adornments and get into the party spirit.

Last week, the gorgeous blonde revealed she received ‘abusive messages’ from trolls after putting up her massive £ 200 Christmas tree in the last week of October.

At the time, Amy took to her Instagram account to call those of her DMs.

Amy loves the holiday season

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With 1.1 million followers, the star has spoken openly about her stories, admitting that even though it was still October, someone putting up their decorations early is no excuse to troll someone.

She said last week: “Yes I know, it’s only October!

“I’ve said it a lot of times but still get abusive messages.”

Last week the star called out the trolls
Last week the star called out the trolls

Amy continued, “I’m working a bit Thursday and everything has to be for Christmas, plus I’m starting panto rehearsals in two weeks, so I have to do it now or I never will!”

Despite her previous reaction, the former Love Island contestant did not remove her magnificent decorations and instead adopted them.

Now the star has posted a short video showing off her very festive home, which looks perfect for the season to be merry.

The Love Island star has a huge green tree
The Love Island star has a huge green tree

He was showing off his huge green artificial tree, which she explained last week had cost her £ 200 and was decorated with fairy lights and lots of red and gold balls.

Her sofa had two lantern-style ornaments on either side, and she had stunning green, white, red, and gold balloons arranged in an arch above her French-style patio doors.

The star’s TV played a looping video of a cozy log fire crackling to add some coziness to the room, and the TV stand featured adorable festive candles and nutcracker figurines.

Balloons lined Amy's French patio doors
Balloons lined Amy’s French patio doors

His TV cabinet was also decorated quite festively
His TV cabinet was also decorated quite festively

Amy wrote next to the video: “November 2nd and they’re ready …

“I mean they were high last week but it was for work so it’s okay!

“Having said that, I’m starting Panto next week so it was literally now or never.”

She ended the post by asking her fans, “When does yours go up ?!”

She also donned festive dog-print pajamas while enjoying a glass of red wine.
She also donned festive dog-print pajamas while enjoying a glass of red wine.

Fans have flooded the comments to tell Amy all about their decorating plans, with many agreeing the sooner the better.

An enthusiastic comment said: “I have always been in early December but I am the last week of November now. I cannot wait !!”

Another wrote: “It’s awesome. Christmas is the best !! Xx” while another agreed: “Mine are up and enjoy this magical time, it’s Christmas”.

Amy had clearly inspired others to put theirs on, with one stating, ‘currently resisting temptation’, but a few still disagreed with her decision, such as one of them. ‘them commented:’ Far too early! Our second week in December ”.

Later, Amy wore festive pajamas with dogs wrapped in printed scarves as she posed with a glass of red wine in her festive home.

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