Tips to Simplify Life and Save

Tips to Simplify Life and Save

Look carefully at everything you have at home. Do you need all this furniture, various crockery, so many books you will never read, and closets that are packed with clothes that no longer suit you? Shatter ! Get rid of what you do not need. Free yourself from the attachment you can feel to certain things and rationally assess whether […]

Credit for self-employed persons Switzerland

In Switzerland, a credit for self-employed / buyers is possible. However, the credit banks in this segment are very cautious. Suitable for SMEs, the self-employed and individuals. The self-employed are a team of specialists who work daily to provide each client with an individual and advantageous financial solution. SME Loan Switzerland for Companies (Corporate Loan): Those who are not self-employed […]

Self-employed loans – where to get?

Find out about our site before you take out a loan. Considering that it is often difficult for self-employed to get a loan, this uncertainty is not surprising. In this way, self-employed people get their credit. This favors a self-employed loan. Prerequisite for the loan is a credit check. So you get a loan as a self-employed Entrepreneurs and the […]

Free Debt Counseling

Caritas offers debt counseling to people in financial need. No man is safe from the debt trap, she can snap shut unexpectedly. For those affected financial shortages often stress that can beat on health. Once debts are accumulated, good advice is expensive . There are a number of counseling centers in Germany, which debtors can visit. Caritas also offers debt […]