Best Christmas Gifts for Cats 2022


CATS are part of the family, so when planning your shopping for the upcoming holiday season, remember your feline friends and include cat Christmas gifts on your list.

Whether it’s a toy to chase, a new bed, a tasty treat or a stylish new collar, there’s something perfect for your cat and he’s sure to love it. .

If you’re looking for inspiration on what to buy at Santa Claws for the moggies in your life, check out our seasonal roundup of the best Christmas gifts for cats.

Cheshire & Wain Caviar Tsar Cat Collar


  • Cheshire & Wain Caviar Tsar Cat Collar, £70 from Fortnum & Mason – buy here

Now, we know kittens don’t particularly like wearing collars, but when they see this one in their stocking stuffer, they’re bound to make an exception.

This luxurious burgundy leather collar features a green suede interior and a brass bell. There’s also a splitter clip so you don’t have to worry about Mr. Snuggles getting caught on a tree branch.


Livi & Belle Cute Cat Christmas Stocking


  • Livi & Belle Cute Cat Christmas Stocking, £15 from Not on the High Street – buy here

This red and beige fleece stocking is perfect for holding all their presents so why not hang it on the mantel alongside those of the rest of the family.

It is lined with red satin and you can personalize it with Kitty’s name (up to 15 letters). It measures approximately 40cm x 25cm.

Rosewood Cat Treat Selection Box


  • Rosewood Cat Treat Selection Box, £7 from John Lewis – buy here

Filled with Christmas Day treats that kitty will love, this selection box includes mini strips of salmon, chicken and duck, plus chicken and cheese duo bites.

Hopefully this will keep his legs away from the turkey!

Snugbums Plum Panda Donut Bed


  • Snugbums Plum Panda Donut Bed, £95 from Snugbums Buy here

A luxury faux fur bed for a totally pampered kitty.

The donut shape and deep padding are said to de-stress pets, help soothe them, and make them feel secure. This UK made bed has removable covers for easy washing and an easy to clean waterproof interior.

Matlock cat tree


  • Matlock scratching post, £38.99 from Wayfair – buy here

I bet they can’t wait to get their claws in that cat! This sisal covered scratching post has a hanging ball to slide and a pine base with wooden balls to roll.

The cactus design is a different take on the usually utilitarian-looking cat tree, but it still saves your furniture from those scratches!

Carter Woven Cat Bed


  • Carter Woven Cat Bed, £59.50 at Oliver Bonas – buy here

This unusual seagrass bed is sure to make an impression on friendly cats.

The cave-like shape will make the cat feel safe and with a comfy cushion inside it will be in its element. A fun designed basket that will also fit in with most decor. Perfect.

Lily’s Kitchen Cat Advent Calendar


  • Lily’s Kitchen Cat Advent Calendar, £12 at WH Smith – buy here

Who doesn’t love prolonging the anticipation of Christmas?

This advent calendar will have your cat meowing with delight at the daily treat that awaits behind every door. Filled with festive salmon bites and crunchy chicken bites for a very honeyed Christmas!

David-Louis Design Sterling Silver Cat Medal


  • David-Louis Design sterling silver cat tag, £70 from Not On The High Street – buy here

Kitty will be the best-dressed cat on the block with this fish-shaped name tag.

It is sterling silver and can be personalized with his name or initials and your emergency phone number. If you’re worried he’ll lose it, you can always keep it safe for him and use it as a keychain!

Homidec cat tree


  • Homidec Cat Tree, £58.99 from Amazon – Buy here

With its various platforms, houses, hammock and climbing ramp, this cat tree will keep even the most curious kitten happy for hours.

There are sisal scratching posts, balls hanging from string, places to sit and watch the world go by, and hidden holes to sleep. It’s covered in soft plush fabric – so comfortable to sleep on.

Wildwash Cat Gift Set


  • Wildwash Cat Gift Set, £69.95 from Wildwash – Buy here

Although cats aren’t known for their love of baths, sometimes they just have to smile and put up with it, so why not make the experience as pleasant as possible?

This gift set is perfect for your pampered feline and includes fragrance-free aloe vera shampoo for sensitive skin, antibacterial daily eye cleanser, gentle olive oil ear cleanser, and hair balm. paws which contains organic shea butter – excellent protection for our winter. Weather report!

Petsafe Cheese Automatic Cat Teaser


  • Petsafe Automatic Cheese Teaser for Cats, £22 at Argos – buy here

Who doesn’t love a game at Christmas – and this one will mean your cat is never bored! Watch his face as two cheeky mice poke their heads out of a piece of Swiss cheese.

There’s even a timer you can set so the cat doesn’t get too tired while playing with her toy.

Holly Cat Harness with Christmas Sheepskin Trim


  • Holly Christmas Sheepskin Cat Harness, £8 at Pets at Home – buy here

Your kitty will look like cat pajamas in this festive harness!

It’s an easy fit, which is a plus for you and should save you a few scratches. Suitable for cats from 3.1 to 5.4 kg. In red with sweet holly berry filling.

Battersea Snuggly Stripes Cat Bed


  • Battersea Snuggly Stripes cat bed, £39.99 from John Lewis – buy here

After the excitement of a visit to Santa Claws, the sherpa fleece lining inside this cozy bed is just the perfect place for sleeping kitties to curl up and take a nap.

The exterior is 100% brushed cotton and the interior is recycled material. You will also benefit from Battersea Dogs & Cats Home when you purchase this gift.

Batch of Petface kittens


  • Petface Kitten Bundle, £20 at Argos – buy here

Kittens will feel soothed lying on this plush blanket, while the soft plush, fluffy pom poms and mouse with a bell on its tail provide a sweet introduction to playtime.

Perfect as a gift for your furbaby or for a friend.

Danish Design Kumfy Kradle Radiator Pet Bed,


  • Danish designed Kumfy Kradle radiator pet bed, £26.49 at John Lewis – buy here

Cats won’t worry about cold winter weather with this ingenious bed.

Just hang it over your radiator and see how quickly Kitty uses the central heating. The soft sherpa fleece fabric is removable for easy washing.

What are the best Christmas gifts for cats?

Cats can be hard to buy furbabes, but they generally love toys. Even older cats will jump on a fake mouse hanging from a string that you drag across the floor.

Treats and food are always good bets and will top many Christmas lists. Felines love the comfort of their home, so soft beds and blankets are definitely on the list of the best Christmas gifts for cats.

Are all gifts suitable for all cats?

If you buy treats or food gifts for your cat, you will know what he likes and dislikes, and especially if he is allergic to anything. You might not know about a friend’s cat, so it’s always worth checking before buying edible gifts.

Make sure the toys you buy are designed for use by cats, as they will have been tested accordingly. Never leave cats unattended with toys unless the manufacturer says they can be used when you’re not around – the Petsafe Cheesy Game in our roundup, for example, has a ” play while you’re away” that you can set to entertain your cat when you’re away from home.

Where to buy Christmas gifts for cats

As you can see in our roundup, there’s no shortage of Christmas gifts for cats this festive season.

We recommend you take a look at AmazonArgos and John Lewis for the best selection.

You can also check out Sun Vouchers if you’re hoping to get a discount, with savings at Dunelm, Marks & Spencer and WHSmith.

The Best Christmas Gifts for Crafty Cats

If you’re a bit of an artist, or just an enthusiastic cat mom or dad, why not try making your own cat gifts to complement those in our roundup? Charitable association for dogs and cats Battersea has instructions for making several homemade gifts on its website as well as a selection of ready-made Christmas gifts in its online shop.

Want to find more savings on your online shopping? Then head to Sun Vouchers where you can get discounts and coupon codes on hundreds of top retailers including B&Q, Boots, Iceland, Lookfantastic, Dunelm, adidas and more.


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