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The video of the cat “helping” a woman wrap Christmas presents has prompted many to share hilarious stories about their pets.

A video of a very helpful cat has become a source of laughter for many on Reddit. The video shows how the feline tries to help its human wrap Christmas presents. Sharing may make you laugh too.

The video is shared with a simple caption that reads, “Santa’s Little Helper.” The video shows the cat trying to be just not as you imagine.

The video opens to show the woman removing the cat from one of the gift boxes as another feline looks on. However, as soon as she removes it, the feline falls aside on another gift box. This is where you should take a look at the woman’s expression because it will make the video even more hilarious.

However, that’s not all the clip shows. We don’t want to spoil the fun by giving it our all, so check out the video:

The video was shared a day ago and since then it has racked up over 15,000 upvotes and counting. The sharing also prompted people to post varied comments. Many also shared stories involving their pets.

“I had a support chat like this. I had to make him his own squares of wrapping paper to lie on and wrap extra curly ribbons for him to play with or I would never finish my wrapping. He still sometimes got bored of his supplies and dipped into my box of bows,” one Reddit user shared. “That side splat in the box was hilarious,” posted another. To which, one individual replied, “The kindness of the cat… the cat knows it. So nice they did it twice.

“I love the wrapping paper sweater!” joked a third. “Love it. The flops. And more baby kitten please,” a fourth commented.

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