Christmas Decor Costs Head North



PUNE It’s a good thing that consumers are in the mood to spend before the holiday season. They may have to shell out more for a new Christmas tree or new decorations.

For many Christian and cosmopolitan homes, putting up the Christmas tree is a lot of fun, especially in the days leading up to Christmas, and buying decorations brings a lot of companionship to the family. However, for two years, thanks to the pandemic, families have been celebrating Christmas in their homes.

While some consumers are in the mood to spend, others are unwilling to charge high prices for decoration. On the MG road, beautifully enameled colorful balls can be seen sticking out of the red scallops, a baby Jesus with the smiling cradle as the Three Wise Men gaze behind their plastic cover in a box. Furtados, D’Mellos, and Raves usually have their hands full with their stores overflowing with Christmas paraphernalia, this year too their stores have stars, Santa hats and glittering reindeer but less crowds.

“Most regulars tend to come early to get the best of the lot. In the past two years there hasn’t been enough foreign stock coming in and we have a limited stock. With equally high transport costs, we pay four times as much. Therefore, a four foot Christmas tree will cost you ??5,450 and more. Although we have decorations from ??20 to ??300, even local craft decorations have increased their prices, ”said Salvius Roy, of Raves.

Some also use heirloom decorations that have been in the family for generations. “We have a lot of heirloom decorations that are used to decorate the Christmas tree, but we also add new ornaments and every year. Also this year we bought a few, but they are expensive and almost spent ??15,000 for some of the best imported decorations. I buy my decorations from Raves, which is based in Chennai but opens a store on MG road and brings a lot of foreign things, ”said Hycinth Arya, a resident of Pune.

Gloria Furtado, of Furtado’s, said: “Usually we have a lot of people who come to buy authentic products made locally, but this year it has been slow. Closer to Christmas, almost everything is sold out.



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