Christmas gifts that mean something from your favorite columnist


I just finished my Christmas shopping. And all it cost me was column space.

Brenna McDermott: Another rung on the ladder.

Dr. Danielle Malin: Another life saved.

Tyler Whetstone: My gratitude.

Dale Wolfe: A refresher course in German.

Tammy Wagner: Refresher course in algebra.

SEC Football Officials: A rules refresher course.

Adam: Tennessee Vols inspire their fans with poetry. And it’s a great Christmas read

Becca Wright: Better layout.

Marcos Garcia: 30 hour days.

Calvin Mattheis: An Uber ride with David Weech.

David Wech: A car roof big enough for two pumpkins.

Phillip Fulmer: His own restaurant.

Jeremy Pruit: What he deserves.

Tennessee Football Fans: Amnesia by Jeremy Pruitt.

Isabelle Lohman: A loyalty program in 12 steps.

Caitie McMekin: Fewer transient tenants.

Dr. Peter Emanuel: A bumper sticker that reads: “You are so lucky. »

Carmela Gosnell: A Rapunzel cardboard cutout.

Lisa Kefer: A bigger house.

Julie Leonard: Another hearty Christmas,

Linda Brantley: A big happy family.

Lucy Vandergriff: A long ride in the Brain Train.

Ashley Draper: All the squash she knows how to cook.

David Drapeur: A Mickey Mantle rookie card.

Dr Amit Patel: A part-time radio gig.

Adam: Tennessee’s football program has come a long way since the cheating scandal was made public

Shirley Rogers: Answered prayers.

Adam Sparks: A second job as an undercover student.

Andy Bowser: A Grammy award.

Chloe Flowers: A stethoscope.

Anderson Farmers CO-OP: Boxes big enough for a 6-foot-6 employee to hide in.

ETCH nurses: Increases in the size of Parkwest.

TomRobert: His sixth hole in one.

Dr. Paul Jones: Farragut baseball discount coupons.

Tony Headrick: A year without cancer.

Wise Ramage: A Stitch cardboard cutout.

Udit and Sumita Chaudhuri: A second home in Palm Coast, Florida.

Tennessee Football: Audience drama.

Foot Vanderbilt: Rust removal services for her anchor.

Georgian football: A January parade.

Soccer in Florida: A defense that can keep Samford under 50 points.

Kentucky Soccer: A non-conference schedule that can be taken seriously.

South Carolina Football: A sticker that reads: “We own Vanderbilt.”

Missouri Football: A season where his group attends all home games.

Brian Kelly: A consciousness.

Arch Manning: A Stetson hat.

Hanna Wright: A different ending to “The Game of Thrones”.

Mike Wilson: A roommate of high caliber.

Kentucky Basketball: A sweet 16.

NASCAR: A fraud scandal.

Walter Nolan: A NIL agreement the size of Texas.

Blake Topmeyer: Roach-free hotels.

Phil Kaplan: Students eager to learn.

Adam: Why Tennessee Sports Vols could be heading for a big school year

Tony Basilio: More musical interludes.

Troy Provost-Heron: A work of trainer of miniature horses.

Daniel Gentry: Shorter jackets.

Collins Patterson: Advanced dance lessons.

Bryson De Chambeau: Earplugs.

Jessy Cook: A “Who’s the boss” t-shirt.

Amanda Farmer: Car windows always rolling down.

Kason Patterson: A motocross course in his garden.

Tennessee Titans: A Super Bowl that stretches a meter longer than the last.

Weird Mike: A gentle ride on the Rhine.

Bailey Arnold: Kindling wood.

Adam: As Tennessee Vols bolster roster, they could win nine games in 2022

Kayla Sturgeon: A freezer.

Brian Rice: Boxing gloves.

Jimmy Hyams: Multiple interviews with Pat Forde.

WNML: A threat-free work environment.

Dave Hooker: A new start.

Penny Shock: A slumber party with Winnie the Pooh.

Chris Thomas: A response service.

Margie Holbert: One year supply of ping pong balls.

Matlock Johnson: A lifetime supply of tennis balls.

Miss Johnson: A new dog trainer.

Josh Heupel: A Season’s Supply of Gum.

Adam: Tennessee football signed half of the top 10 with little to show

Titans Invoice: A date with Shirley Jones.

William Holbert: A blue Dodgers cabinet.

Ava Ramage: Another little brother.

Kelly Canon: More friendly bear shows.

Zack Greene: An island.

Kelly Kinder: A rare archaeological find in his garden.

David Powell: A step forward.

Annette Moore: The best fall Christmas ever.

Cody Bellinger: Eyeglasses.

Max Scherzer: Curt Schilling’s playoff mentality.

Tampa Bay Rays: A complete game of a starting pitcher.

Continued: Tennessee football can move from the Music City Bowl to the Sugar Bowl next season…yes, really

MLB: A limit of five pitchers per game.

Rob Sterling: A manatee in his backyard pool.

Aaron Rodgers: Tom Brady longevity.

Sarah Miller: 365 storms.

Hendon Hooker: A bargain NIL.

Claire Rain: A better deal NIL.

Nick Saban: A forearm protector for road casualties.

Ben Simons: Self-awareness.

Rick Barnes: A post-season as good as his regular season.

Preston Hood: A summit of the Rockies.

Bev Sparks: Press accreditation at Neyland Stadium.

Adam: Tennessee Vols Tony Vitello looks forward to another ‘routine’ Christmas

Grant Ramy: An additional parking pass for Neyland Stadium.

Charlie Anderson: A figure of Jeremy Pruitt.

Craig Jenkins: A Ric Flair action figure.

Donna Colburn: A Mark Stoops action figure.

James Miller: A figurine of Aaron Rodgers.

James Miller’s Patients: Sense of humor.

The Smokies: Tony Vitello Bobblehead Night, part 2.

Cody Cooper: A knuckleball-inspired throwing return.

Littons: A second counter.

Canaan Lindsay: A union of nurses.

Matt Dixon: A week’s vacation in Kentucky.

Adam: Want to make some extra cash this college football season? These are safe bets

First watch: A lottery for parking spaces.

Fountain City Chop House: A place reserved in his safe for my Visa card.

Judge Aaron: 162 games.

Giancarlo Stanton: 162 games.

Evan Russell: Good catch.

Brian Hartman: Full recall.

Allie Neely: A trip to the Clogging Hall of Fame.

Peggy Spruell: Butter and nut aroma.

Crystal Blake: No more dates with her “wedding date”.

Lindsey Nelson Stadium: Nothing but sold-out sales.

Neyland Stadium Water Bottles: Parachutes.

Rosie Metcalf: More time with Minnie Mouse.

Larah Ramage: A louder horn.

Tom Wilson: A bumper sticker that reads: “ETSU 23, Vanderbilt 0”.

Neyland Stadium Security: Golf ball detectors.

Ongoing : A win at the Kentucky Oaks.

John Adams is senior columnist. He can be reached at 865-342-6284 or [email protected] Follow him at:


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