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The countdown to Christmas is on and on, and that means the window for buying and wrapping all those gifts is shrinking all the time. Don’t worry, because we’ve got you covered. Whether you have a fitness fanatic, TV nerd, or music obsessive on your Christmas list, or want to surprise loved ones with things they never thought to buy for themselves, these are the best tech gifts you can get. the tree this year….

Apple Watch Series 7

There are smartwatches and then there is the Apple Watch Series 7. It has the largest Apple Watch screen to date – which makes it easier on the fingers as well as the eyes – it’s the most durable design and even more health features in addition to all the workouts, map, messaging and music apps we know and love. And with tons of case and strap styles on offer, there’s a combo for everyone.

AirPods Max

It’s one for all the music lovers in your life. The AirPods Max combine the best on-ear headphones – high fidelity audio, noise canceling technology, cushioned fit – with all the magic of Airpods, including access to Siri, seamless device switching, and notification announcements. Once you’ve given them away, the lucky recipient will probably never want to take them away.

Apple TV 4K

Spending days curled up in front of the TV with a family-sized box of chocolates is what Christmas is all about, and Apple TV 4K takes it to another level. With high-definition picture, three-dimensional sound, precise Siri remote control, and all the epic original content from Apple TV +, it’s the only way to watch the frenzy.


We all have one, that friend or family member who forever misplaces their keys or loses their wallet. Help them keep track of their belongings with AirTag – it attaches to anything that continues to work so it can be easily tracked whether the item is nearby or miles away. AirTags can also be personalized with engravings and key loops. No more missing essentials.

JOBY GorillaPod Mobile Vlogging Kit

This GorillaPod mobile vlogging kit is the perfect gift for any content creator looking to improve their work. Consisting of the GorillaPod Mobile Rig, Beamo Mini LED, and Wavo Mobile microphone, it can be used to stabilize an iPhone in both orientations and provide light and sound capture – all they need to shoot video that kill.

HomePod Mini

Don’t give away an old speaker this Christmas, instead give a HomePod Mini. They can be mini, but they can fill an entire room with 360-degree sound, and Siri is on hand to set alarms, view calendars, provide directions, send messages, control smart home accessories and more. generally make life a little easier.

JAXJOXConnect Foam Roller

Impress even the most avid of your avid running companions with this Foam RollerConnect device from JAXJOX. It uses technology to optimize muscle recovery by analyzing their training in terms of activity and duration, then selecting the optimum level of vibration intensity for the most efficient recovery. And it can be synced with their Apple Heath data so they can track their progress. Beat a foam roller any day.

HidrateSpark STEEL

Do you know someone who never drinks enough water? This nifty HidrateSpark reusable steel bottle will have them absorbing H2O in no time. In addition to keeping drinks cold for 24 hours, the smart LED sensor lights up when it’s time for a drink – it syncs with the HidrateSpark app to calculate a personal hydration goal and track water consumption. ‘water.

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