‘Christmas House 2’ makes Yuletide Gay again for the brand


It’s a merry Christmas ahead for Hallmark Channel fans, as the network today announced that a sequel to Christmas house, Hallmark’s first original Christmas movie starring a same-sex couple, is coming out this holiday season!

The sequel, tentatively titled Christmas house 2: take down these rooms, brings back the original cast, including Jonathan Bennett and Brad Harder, who played the adorable couple in the first film. Other returning cast members include Robert Buckley, Ana Ayora, Treat Williams, and Sharon Lawrence.

According to Weekly entertainment, the new sequel will see “the Mitchell brothers (Bennett and Buckley) compete against each other to see who can create the best Christmas house”.

Bennett shared his enthusiasm for the project on social media, posting photos of himself with the cast. “Huge news! The Mitchell family is back !!! ” he wrote on Instagram. “The same family, the same love, but twice the hilarity. Buckle up, this sleigh takes off!

In case you forgot, the original Christmas house saw the two brothers returning home for the holidays at their mother’s request as they prepared to sell the family home. As Buckley’s character Mike finds himself reconnecting with his high school girlfriend, Brandon (Bennett) returns home with husband Jake, as the couple await a call about adopting their first child. .

Christmas house 2 is one of Hallmark Channel’s 41 awesome new Christmas movies releasing this year. While we don’t know when Christmas house 2 premieres October 22, the first of 41 movies, giving fans two whole months of Christmas movies!

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