Collect your Christmas presents? A warning to be careful where you buy them


If you’re already picking up your Christmas shopping, write down a warning to be careful where you buy them.

As more than half of adults in the east of England plan to donate electrical appliances this Christmas, the Norfolk Fire and Rescue Service and the Norfolk County Council Trade Standards team have Issued joint warning to purchase electrical items only from reputable retailers.

Counterfeit electrical products are likely to contain substandard parts that pose a serious risk of fire or electric shock – and it may not be possible to tell just by looking at the product.

So far this year, 26 house fires in Norfolk have been caused by faulty electrical equipment / appliances, and another 21 have been due to improper use of appliances. 36 other fires were caused by faulty wires / cables.

Duncan Carter, Head of Trading Standards at NCC, said: “We want Norfolk residents to be as safe as possible, especially with Black Friday approaching and many tempting offers. Electrical items that are poorly manufactured and do not meet safety standards are unfortunately still available for purchase. Please only buy from reputable retailers and be sure to register your devices to be notified of recalls.

Firefighters urge people to buy electrical products from reputable suppliers

The most popular electric choices to offer include:

  • Electric beauty products (e.g. hair straighteners, beard trimmers, etc.) – 33%

  • Game consoles and accessories – 30%

  • Smart technology – 30%

  • Mobile devices (e.g. tablets, laptops, etc.) – 30%

  • Small cooking appliances (e.g. slow cookers, etc.) – 25%

  • Luxury household items (televisions, audio equipment, etc.) – 17%

  • Electric bike or scooter – 10%

  • White products – 10%

Next week is Electrical Fire Safety Week (November 22-28), the campaign of which aims to encourage people to purchase electrical items from reputable retailers.


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