Daring burglar steals money and Christmas gifts from home while family sleeps inside



RED STICK – Security video from a Baton Rouge neighborhood shows a man entering a house while the family inside sleeps.

Investigators say the man seen in the footage was seen breaking into a house in the Rolling Meadows Subdivision. The neighbors say they are nervous.

“It’s scary around here,” said Céleste Jarreau, an owner.

The crime happened just before 3:00 a.m. on Monday. Investigators said the door to the house remained unlocked and he entered directly.

MPs said the burglar stole money and Christmas gifts from under the tree while the family slept inside.

“It’s sad, and last night I made sure the front door was locked. The cars were locked as well as the door and the back gate. It’s scary. It never happens around here,” said Aline Jarreau.

Jarreau has lived in the neighborhood for years. She has already added more lights to her house.

“We have maintained our house fairly well with the alarm system, fencing and the large metal gate. We have done a lot to keep the house safe,” she said.

The East Baton Rouge Sheriff’s Office is now looking for the burglar. MPs are urging people to lock their doors.

“All the inhabitants are afraid. They are afraid to leave their house and leave anything open, because they will enter your house,” said neighbor Gloria Sorrell.



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