DIY Christmas gifts for beginners to advanced


Tis the season… for giving and receiving things you (and your gifts) may not really need. With sustainability becoming a primary concern for many and the downsides of overconsumption entering our collective consciousness, the idea of ​​thoughtful, handmade gifts, and perhaps even Zero waste gifts are becoming more and more attractive. The only problem? We are not all as practical as we would like to be. Don’t worry, you don’t need to be an expert maker to make these DIY Christmas gifts! From beginner to advanced (food-based), there’s a homemade Christmas gift idea for both giver and recipient.

For beginners: DIY kits

If you’re a complete beginner to DIY and handmade Christmas gifts, it might be a good idea to start with a kit. A DIY kit allows you to create a thoughtful gift that shows your recipient how much time and effort you put into giving them something special.

This DIY earrings kit is perfect for someone who wants to give their best friend a unique gift this year. You can also DIY scented candles for Christmasmake your loved one grow birth month floweror build a super cute little house to display as kitsch decor.

For Intermediate to Advanced Makers: Handmade Christmas Gifts

knit blanket

We love a good DIY at B+C. Our favorite gifts are handmade Christmas gifts, and we’ve shared LOTS of handmade gift ideas in our time.

Acute winter terrarium is perfect for the quirky decor lover in your life, while nothing brings the hygge vibes more than hand knitted blanket. Give your favorite houseplant lovers of the magnificent flora in one of these DIY Cement PlantersWhere embroider a pillow that will add a nice splash of color to your best friend’s house.

For the home decor obsessive: DIY decorating

Anthro Inspired DIY Chandelier

Speaking of your best friend’s house, we’ve got plenty of DIY Christmas gift ideas you can gift in the home decor category.

Brighten up a simple IKEA desk to give your work lady a WFH chair that’s cute AND comes from the heart. Build magazine wall art in your gift’s favorite colors to add a homey, kitsch touch to her space. This Anthropogenic inspired DIY chandelier is another great option for lovers of artistic decoration. A friend who likes the hostess will appreciate this pineapple cutting boardand anyone who loves the beauty of organization will swoon over it DIY wall organizer.

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