Do you have Christmas decorations like this house in Falmouth?


Do you think they already have a tree too?

There were great Halloween displays, but while I was driving I saw Santa Claus! I know him!

As much as I love the merry boy, seeing him more than two months before his big night is slightly disturbing. I’m all for the holiday spirit, but damn it – this is by far the first Santa Claus I’ve seen in a long time!



I think we all have our own schedule for the release of boxes of Christmas decorations. For me, it’s Black Friday – that glorious day after Thanksgiving. To eliminate all that turkey, stuffing and pie, it’s time to bring a tree into the house. That gives this poor thing about a month to hold on to its needles and smell good. Then, when the worst month of the year arrives, January, it’s time to throw it on the sidewalk or in the woods behind the house.

When is the first time you start decorating the front yard? Have you ever hung a light or blown up an inflatable Santa in October? I saw this Santa Claus on October 21, but I don’t know how long Jolly St. Nick has been hiding behind trees in this house in Falmouth.

It’s weird seeing Santa Claus when my windows are down and the sunroof is open. Normally I see Santa in mid-December after he’s worked his tail off and only needs a week for him.



Too early or never too early to celebrate the holidays?

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