Donations of Christmas decorations for the benefit of families in difficulty


The Sumter County Sheriff’s Office has the perfect solution for those who will never use all the Christmas decorations they brought with them from the North.

Area residents can donate it to the sheriff’s office. The donated items, which can be anything from trees to nativity scenes, will be transported to the Sumter County Fairgrounds, where a volunteer organization sorts the items and installs them as if they would be on display in a store. Families are then invited to shop at the “boutique” and select free items.

The sheriff’s office’s community outreach program coordinator, Theresa Cooper, decided it might come in handy as a donation point.

Last year the sheriff’s office hauled 10 trailer loads of trees and decorations, and I mean the big utility trailers.

This is all possible thanks to the generosity of the villagers and noted that while she says it often, she never says it enough: not all of the Sumter County Sheriff’s Office community holiday outreach programs would be possible. without financial support and donations. residents of the neighborhood.

New articles are also welcome. Trees, ornaments, lights, interior and exterior decorations are all necessary. Anything that will give a home the feeling of Christmas will be much appreciated by a family who, despite earning a living, just don’t have enough money for extras during the holidays.

Donations can be dropped off at the Sumter County Sheriff’s Villages Annex, 8033 E County Road 466, near the corner of Morse Boulevard. Call (352) 689-4600 for more information. Donations will be accepted during opening hours ONLYMonday to Friday from 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m.


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