eBay launches Christmas gifts that help people and the planet


As our relationship with shopping changes, especially during the holiday season, the nation wants to buy gifts that do good – for people and the planet.

Arrives eBay For Change – the one-stop gift shop with a conscience this Christmas.

The marketplace is specifically aimed at social enterprises and eBay has brought together 50 social enterprises and small businesses, all with a social mission that has a positive impact.

Every purchase from an eBay For Change organization supports community initiatives.

From Stand4Socks which donates a pair of socks to the homeless at every sale, to Seabirds which funds community swimming projects, there are plenty of goodies that will do good this Christmas on eBay.

We’ve put together a handy list of these festive gifts priced under £ 35 to help you gift with a conscience for the world and your wallet.

Gifts for house lovers

Boho Homes LDN

Boho Homes LDN creates handmade household items that support the socio-economic livelihoods of individual artisans.

These Kilim patterned salad bowls are made of mango wood and feature a geometric pattern.

The set includes three bowls, a choice of round and square platter, and an 11-inch platter.

This wonderful range is handcrafted under Fairtrade conditions in North India by a small manufacturer. The six people who work there have been trained and now regularly earn a living as carpenters.

Buyers who buy these bowls will contribute a day’s pay for the family of artisans who make them.

Boho Homes LDN continues to reinvest its profits in deserving projects like these and aims to make a difference, one purchase at a time.

On top of that, they believe they don’t use sustainable materials and recycling materials – for example, they use leftover cushion cover materials to make Christmas decorations and key chains.

The set starts from £ 18 and can be purchased on eBay here.

Karakorum Ethical Crafts Planter
Karakorum Ethical Crafts Planter

Ethical Handicrafts of Karakorum works with local businesses and grassroots organizations to ensure that everyone, including artisans, benefits from a fair and ethical deal.

This vegetal tip is ethically and sustainably crafted by a small group of artisan sculptors in Kisii, Kenya – an area renowned for its high quality soapstone and the most talented sculptors on the continent.

The pot is the perfect gift for a plant lover and can be used indoors or outdoors, but since it does not have a drainage hole, it is suggested that the interior be the best.

Get it here for a cost of £ 18.

These planters are carved into the ground, sculpted, painted and polished by the Tabaka Chigware Youths Self-Help Group, a community of young artisans, started in 1996, with 40 young members aged 18 and over.

An equal mix of young women and men, their group has successfully started improving the livelihoods of their families and communities.

By making soapstone items, they have helped improve housing, clean water initiatives, medical facilities, and better education for their children.

Mifuko planter
Mifuko planter

Mifuko employs over 700 people in Kenya, Tanzania and Ethiopia.

They use local materials to reduce their carbon footprint and are committed to putting people and the planet first in everything they do.

These eBay baskets were made from partially recycled or surplus plastic which is extremely durable and easy to clean – available to purchase for £ 34.

Candy for self-care

Social stories club
Social stories club

Social History Club mission is to share social enterprises and their amazing stories with the world.

They create durable gift boxes and baskets.

Each item in the gift boxes is from a social enterprise and supports different social causes, including empowering artists with disabilities, reducing waste in landfills, educating young girls in tea-growing areas, etc.

With every gift purchased, customers empower artists with disabilities, reduce landfill waste, provide education for young girls in tea-growing areas, and more.

The club includes a storybook with each gift so the gift recipient can learn about the impact and find out about their social enterprise partners.

This luxurious cuddly gift set in a box is perfect for a festive pick-me-up.

They cost £ 29 and include butter shortbread cookies, sea salt and caramel chocolate, dark chocolate with raspberries, Earl Gray Twin Pack tea and luxury hot chocolate.

Meanwhile, the Goodwash Company sells products made with the best natural and cruelty-free ingredients whose profits are used to improve the lives of animals and people in local communities.

Their vegan body washes start from £ 19.50 and are available to purchase here.

Gifts for children (or older children)

Super Sapiens
Super Sapiens

Super Sapiens helps kids explore hidden stories, cultivate understanding of the world (and learn how to make it better for everyone), and develop their own superpowers through self-care and self-esteem.

This kids educational card game is fun for the whole family and helps teach diversity and empowerment through instant memory.

The game pays homage to 12 diverse and inspiring women from around the world – the world’s true superheroes, the Super Sapiens. It is suitable for 3 – 103 years old.

For more details here.

Another good game for kids is Alive and in great shape.

Alive and Kicking is the world’s only non-profit balloon maker.

Its centers across sub-Saharan Africa create hundreds of ethical jobs for disadvantaged adults. Profits from ball sales and additional fundraising allow young people to access sports and health education.

Buy size 5 Football Alive and Kicking Cheetah Ethical for £ 30 here.

Wild and kind raise funds by creating ethical and eco-friendly products like this collage print starter set – priced at £ 25.

The set is a fun introduction to the wonders and possibilities of riso printing. By making a simple collage, you can create a unique 2-color A4 edition of 20 risographed prints.

At the same time, the business operates as a printing and embroidery studio, using 100% of the profits to tackle the loneliness and isolation of people with marginalized gender identities.

Stockings fillers

Gemma Sherlock wearing Ethiqana earrings
Gemma Sherlock wearing Ethiqana earrings

You expect socks every Christmas, but these socks are slightly different and mean a bit more.

For each pair of socks purchased, Stand4Socks donates a pair to someone who is homeless, working closely with homeless charities to make this happen.

See their full line on eBay here – they start from £ 11.99 a pair.

Ethiqana products such as these fish earrings are fair trade and support women’s economic development through sustainable livelihoods.

Ethiqana also promotes an easy and environmentally friendly life for a sustainable lifestyle.

Secret gifts from Santa under £ 10

Sea birds
Sea birds

Sea birds use the sales to fund community swimming projects and bring more people to sea to improve their mental well-being.

The purchase of this reusable cup, a long-lasting and sustainable alternative to single-use plastic, will help reduce marine pollution.

This stainless steel pint mug is made from recycled steel and costs £ 9 here.

Meanwhile, Crafting4Go is a non-profit social enterprise that supports mental health, creative wellness, community groups, and recycles creative waste.

These 6×6 Pink Pig Sketchbooks, made with Thai banana fabric, are simple for sketching, art journaling, gratitude quotes and more.


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