Eight-year-old mom doesn’t buy Christmas presents, says kids have never been happier


Angie Wipf, 35, found herself buying more than 40 gifts every Christmas until she decided to limit her children to one gift each – which they must get for each other. In this way, the decluttering coach and social media influencer is saving £ 514 ($ 700) each year.

It was in December 2019 that she decided to stop buying Christmas presents for her children Finley, 10, Macklin, eight, Vivian, seven, Cruze, five, Cedar, four, the twins Wilder and Stryker, three, and Hawk, one.

She said: “I just noticed that when they opened a lot of presents they only noticed the one they really wanted and forgot the rest… it was a little disappointing to see that.

“I think it takes the stress out of the kids, they would be so overwhelmed with things that they wouldn’t know what to do.”

Instead of gifts, Ms. Wipf likes to spend what she saves on family trips to the museum or zoo throughout the year.

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She says her children love the new tradition: “I have found that they appreciate what they get more because they will be telling their siblings throughout the year about what they love.

“I think they realized they always got gifts from grandparents and stuff, they’re definitely not private, that’s for sure!”

This reduced the Wipfs’ Christmas spending to around £ 54 ($ 75), and while they still buy the presents, they are hoping their kids will contribute a little towards the cost when they get older.

She said: “If they want to contribute, they can, we just put them in the mindset of buying something for someone else or making something.

“As they get older they will all be teenagers at the same time, they might have a job, they might want to contribute more.”

Mrs Wipf is also made with wrapping paper and gives each child a white bag on Christmas Eve that they can decorate with washable fabric markers.

Their “Secret Santa” will put their gift in their bag the night before, ready for the morning – and try to keep their secret until then.

The big day, Mrs Wipf has found that her party of eight really can’t wait to receive their only special, thoughtful gift from their sibling.

They spend the rest of the day doing things together, like baking cookies, going to Christmas lights, or watching festive movies.

Ms Wipf shared her unique tradition online and got a mixed response, with some calling her “cold”.

One comment read, “It’s just cold, let them be kids and have some joy.”

Angie replied, “Apparently a lot of people have seen it and not everyone agrees!

“Most of them are positive because we are experimenting on things, but also” how can you not give gifts to your children? “- obviously you haven’t read the post!

“When my kid needs something he gets it anyway, if he needs anything for art or school we’ll make sure he gets it.”


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