Etiquette expert says fake trees and Yankee candles are ‘naff’ Christmas decorations


William Hanson has shared his thoughts on ‘tacky’ Christmas decorations including faux trees, Yankee candles and outdoor lights – do you agree with his judgements?

William Hanson has detailed his do’s and don’ts for Christmas decorating (stock image)

We all have different tastes and styles when it comes to decorating our homes for Christmas – and your choice of baubles shouldn’t matter to anyone else as long as you’re happy with the end result.

But apparently there is actually a “right” way to decorate for Christmas.

Etiquette expert William Hanson told The Sun there’s a long list of do’s and don’ts people should follow every year – but what do you think of his claims?

DON’T: have a fake tree

William claims artificial trees are ‘naff’ and says you should always spend the money on a ‘real good quality tree’.

Etiquette expert claims fake trees never look as good as the real ones (stock image)


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He said: “Fake trees suck because they never have the appeal or quality of the real deal. And don’t get me started on pre-lit trees. The fun part is having that blank, green canvas and building it.

If you want to go with the real thing, then go for it, but we think artificial trees are just as good – plus they’ll last you a lifetime, which means they’ll save you money.

And if you reuse the same fake tree for years, it’s also better for the environment in the long run.

DO: Use Natural Decorations

The etiquette expert is big on the natural look and says you should aim to decorate your home with plants you’d find in the wild this time of year.

William says ‘unsightly’ decorations should go to the back of the tree (stock image)


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Holly, mistletoe, and berries are all good choices, as is poinsettia, which is the traditional Christmas flower.

However, William says you shouldn’t hang your mistletoe on a door – even if it’s tradition! – and should put it in a vase instead.

DON’T: Display “unsightly” decorations

If you have young children, they will probably be making Christmas decorations at school in the coming weeks.

And while you might want to proudly display their creation in the front of your Christmas tree, William says you should keep them “hidden” in the back of your tree.

My mom used to do this every year with the (disastrous) papier-mâché ball I made when I was a kid – and I would always be upset if my masterpiece couldn’t be seen.

Again, how you decorate your home is up to you – if you’re proud of your child’s artistic endeavors, show it!

DON’T: Buy Yankee Candles

The etiquette expert says there’s “never a time or place for a Yankee candle.”

He said: “Candles on the dining table are fine for the evening, but at lunch you should smell food, not a candle.”

But while fresh food always smells better than an artificial candle, there’s plenty of time during the day (like when you’re cuddled up on the couch watching a classic Christmas movie) to enjoy a festive scented candle as well. .

DO: Accept your tree’s imperfections

Once you’ve decided between a real tree and a fake, William says you shouldn’t worry too much about it being a little wonky.

While many of us strive for perfection, the expert says keeping your tree “tasteful and understated” is actually a bigger sign of class than having an “overly stylish” tree.

DON’T: Install exterior lights

One of the highlights of my Christmases as a child was seeing all the bright lights people had hung outside their homes when I returned to school.

But apparently that means you might belong to an “undesirable neighborhood” – whatever that means!

William said: “Lights outside houses are almost always seen in undesirable neighborhoods. If you like them, it’s probably because you come from such a neighborhood.

Instead, William suggests keeping the decorations indoors, or if you still want a touch of outdoor flair, opt for “clear lights” wrapped around a tree.

DON’T: Decorate before Christmas Eve

Many of us will have our Christmas decorations up already, with some getting into the holiday spirit almost as soon as Halloween ends.

But William says the longer you wait, the more social class you have.

He said: ‘A good social test is what time someone plants their tree. If you put it up on Christmas Eve, you’re number one. If you have it now, I’m sorry to say you’re common.

Personally, we think it doesn’t matter!

What do you think of the expert’s Christmas tips? Let us know in the comments below.

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