Families can visit the Worcester house covered in Christmas decorations for a good cause



PEOPLE can walk through the gardens of a Worcester house covered with hundreds of Christmas fairy lights, inflatables and figurines.

Mick and Norma Gale have officially opened Santa’s Garden at 66 Christine Avenue, Rushwick for 2022.

People gathered for the grand opening on Saturday night with the Midlands Air Ambulance intensive care car and visiting Santa himself.

Families can visit the gardens for free or donate to the association with almost £ 500 already raised.

This year they are asking people to watch the back garden one group at a time and have hand sanitizing stations available.

Mr Gale said: “The opening night on Saturday was absolutely brilliant.

“When Santa Claus came out, the children became crackers.

“We had about 100 people and people were happy to take their turn to see the decorations.

“I don’t think some people are aware that we have decorations in our back yard because we have people passing by and slowing down to watch.

“A family got out of their car in their pajamas and looked around so I said there were more in the back.

“I could hear them say ‘Oh, this is awesome’.

“We have all ages – the elderly and young children – we even had a six month old baby.”

The Father Christmas Garden is open daily from 5.30 p.m. to 10 p.m. until Tuesday, December 28 and is also open on Christmas Day and Boxing Day.

“I think on Christmas Eve we’ll have a lot of people.

“A lot of people say they’re going to tell their friends or neighbors, so I think we’ll have more and more people who don’t know us.

“It’s for a good cause, the air ambulance, which is not funded by the government and depends on the public for funding.

“It’s an essential emergency service.”

Speaking about why he and his wife Norma enjoyed running Santa’s Garden, Mr Gale said they enjoyed meeting new people.

“We love to meet other people and bring them some Christmas cheer.

“It’s great when people tell us how Christmas makes us feel.”

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