Family giving free Christmas gifts to children in Cape Coral


CAPE CORAL, Fla .– You won’t find a big red sled or reindeer at Tony Kuhlenschmidt’s house in Cape Coral, but the spirit of generosity is felt right at the front door.

For a week, just outside his home, Kuhlenschmidt has offered gifts to any family in need.

“We had 30 gifts for 30 families already prepared and wrapped and everything, then the messages kept coming in, I didn’t have the heart to refuse them,” Kuhlenschmidt said.

These messages came after Kuhlenschmidt posted a message to a Cape Coral community Facebook group.

Kuhlenschmidt says his goal of helping 30 families quickly grew to over 80 in just one week.

A number he hopes will continue to grow as families like Kristine Kokolakis start giving their own gifts.

“It was actually my 12 year old son’s idea. So it was his scooter that he never used, so he said to go ahead and give it to someone who will actually use it, ”Kokolakis said.

This someone, who arrived just five minutes after Kokolakis had dropped off his gifts.

Her name is Heidi Richards and we were there to immortalize the moments she realized this year that gifts would await her family under the tree.

“Just to know that they are going to have … something … I can’t even express how I’m feeling … I just feel completely blessed … and I hugged him and I Thanked him so much … the gifts they’ll love them, “said Richards.

If you would like to contact Tony Kuhlenschmidt to donate or collect gifts, call him at (239) 440-6788.

Kuhlenschmidt says he will be collecting donations and handing out gifts all day on Christmas Eve.

Kuhlenschmidt says anyone wishing to donate should plan to drop off gifts on Christmas Eve morning.


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