FEEDBACK FRIDAY: Capacity limits, Christmas decorations and development



“Without enforcing the masking rules, I’m not sure capacity limits alone will help reduce the spread,” says reader

At the bottom of all local stories posted on BarrieToday, readers have the option to submit comments. Here’s a look at what readers had to say about what made the news last week:

December 15

Upcoming capacity restrictions for Simcoe-Muskoka

It is long overdue, but it is not enough. Without enforcing the masking rules, I’m not sure the capacity limits alone will help reduce the spread. – Linda O.

December 14th

Talk about high winds, hurricane clips will blow through the boardroom

These straps are very inexpensive when installed during construction. To demand them is really “obvious”. While the province is there, let’s demand more wall and attic insulation on all new construction, homes, commercial and industrial. – Pierre B.

December 13

COLUMN: Nothing like too many decorations for this Christmas nut

Please bring some downtown. Looks like they forgot to put Christmas decorations back on Dunlop Street. Just seems empty without them. The spirit is not there, it seems. – Mike B.

December 12

BURSZTYN: Could unsalted roads one day gain traction?

Isn’t there sand used here too? What’s not enough to just apply sand and zero salt? I have heard that there is a special procedure in Europe that prevails over the use of bad salt for our streams, rivers and lakes. Just examine this idea. We need to do something different here to protect our precious waterways. -Douglas L.

December 10

COVID-19: Ontario to expand vaccine certificate rules, make system changes, source says

It is becoming clear that COVID and its variants are here to torment us for many years to come. This fact makes Ford’s idea of ​​inactivating our vaccination certificates at a future date extremely wrong. It is now clear that this was the anti-vaccine “dog whistle” that they just had to pass on for a few more weeks and that they could re-enter society without showing their arms for a vaccine. It is clearly not going to happen anytime soon. It’s time to tell anti-vaccines that they will continue to be banned from entering restaurants, concerts, sports stadiums and other indoor spaces except grocery stores and pharmacies. The overwhelming majority of Ontarians have now been vaccinated and we don’t want potential carriers of COVID getting in the way. Yes, I know that people who are vaccinated can also carry the disease, but we are much less likely to spread it! People, it’s time to get the shot. Do it! – Pierre B.

December 9

Proposed 12-story skyscraper on Dunlop East features ‘high-end architecture’, mayor said

We don’t need more condos in Barrie. We need more affordable housing. We need more decent sized units at reasonable prices, not small boxes at outrageous prices. We need suitable housing for the elderly, our population is aging. This means buildings with elevators large enough to accommodate a mobility scooter. This means units designed for people with disabilities, wider hallways and doors, on ALL floors. Inclusive constructions. The disabled in this town are excluded at every turn. New constructions are buildings without elevators, townhouses, condos with tiny elevators. How about getting affordable and inclusive construction in this city and quitting serving the rich. – Angèle M.

December 8

‘It just doesn’t fit’: Mapleview West townhouse project on hold

Barrie has been building the typical fully detached single family home in large subdivisions for too long. It’s no wonder people are uncomfortable with denser development – it’s not what they’re used to seeing in our city. For my part, I think the change can be good, especially if it means less of the typical single family home type of which we have far too many. -Steve K.



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