Free Debt Counseling

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Caritas offers debt counseling to people in financial need.

No man is safe from the debt trap, she can snap shut unexpectedly. For those affected financial shortages often stress that can beat on health. Once debts are accumulated, good advice is expensive .

There are a number of counseling centers in Germany, which debtors can visit. Caritas also offers debt counseling to people seeking a way out of financial hardship through professional help .

It is a charitable organization of the Roman Catholic Church in Germany, which acts as a registered association and is organized under the German Caritas Association . Around half a million volunteers are involved in the facilities of Caritas.

Important: Although it is a federation that belongs to the Catholic Church , the offer of Caritas for debt counseling is available to all people, regardless of age, belief or nationality .

How debt counseling at Caritas works

Anyone claiming debt counseling from Caritas can rely on discretion . Among other things , the association advertises . An appointment must be made for a Caritas debt counseling service.

In case of emergency , a short term appointment is also possible. If you talk to Caritas about debts, you should bring along all relevant documents on the consultation date.

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