Get your Christmas presents now before the holiday crush, experts warn


With the summer heat lingering over vast swathes of the United States, Christmas looks like it couldn’t be further away. But unless you want your child to find a lump of charcoal under the tree – or, more specifically, a printed photo of the gift you planned to give them that didn’t arrive on time – you might want to -be start doing your holiday shopping. sooner rather than later, as experts say consumers may be faced with a sharp combination of continuing shortages and rising prices when it comes to the holiday season.

“I say to people half-jokingly, ‘Order your Christmas presents now because if not on Christmas Day there might just be a photo of something that won’t happen until February or March,” Scott Price said. , president of UPS. Business intern. It shouldn’t be that surprising – last Christmas presented many of the same issues that we expect to see this year.

The reason for the supply shortage is simple: The pandemic has created demand that suppliers have been unable to meet due to COVID-19 closures, labor shortages, and unusual weather conditions throughout. the world. However, demand is not the only problem.

This increase in demand led to a subsequent increase in prices for consumers, as outbound shipping rates between the United States and Asia jumped 500% from last year. Food prices in America have risen for six straight months, and consumer prices in the United States have seen their biggest annual increase in more than a decade. Shipping delays and problems due to COVID-19 restrictions and logistical hurdles have also made it more difficult for gifts, furniture or other items to flow around the world. In other words, things are more expensive and it takes longer to get to where they need to go.

Kroger’s CFO Gary Millerchip has confirmed that the onus of these developments will likely fall on the consumer in the form of higher prices, as he explained in the company’s earnings call. “Will pass higher costs on to the customer when it makes sense to do so.”

And with the persistence of the pandemic, it seems increasingly unlikely that these trends will disappear by Christmas. And for this reason, there could be massive shortages of popular items that you were hoping to get for your child or spouse or even for yourself for the holidays. That’s why the smart decision can start absurdly early for Christmas shopping to make sure you don’t miss out on any great gifts.


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