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MAYFIELD, Ky. (KT) — Christmas won’t be the same this year for many in tornado-devastated Mayfield, but the Purchase Area Baptist Association has provided 100 gifts to families of students in the Mayfield school system.

Dennis Manley, the association’s nonprofit mission strategist, handed out 100 Christmas cards — each containing a $50 gift certificate to Walmart or Sam’s — to Mayfield school officials. These cards are distributed three days before Christmas.

Christmas cards and gift certificates given to Mayfield students include material from the Gospel to Every Home initiative. (photo sent)

Not only will 100 families get a $50 gift certificate, but the card will also include materials from the Gospel to Every Home initiative – a Gospel tract plus a QR code that will take people to the “Jesus” movie. Manley expressed his enthusiasm for offering financial donations and the gospel to those suffering from the impact of a severe tornado on Dec. 10.

Manley said cash, checks and gift cards were donated to the charity following the tornado that damaged or destroyed many homes, businesses and churches. “We had $5,000 that we needed to get out into the community,” Manley said. “We thought about how we could do this other than just donating to the Red Cross or other organisations. We wanted to introduce it to the community, so the idea developed about Christmas cards each containing a $50 gift certificate, as well as GTEH initiative materials. The cards were given to the teachers, who will then pass them on to the students.

When Manley approached high school officials about the idea, she was met with overwhelming approval. “The response was ‘thank you, thank you, thank you’. It was awesome. People are so grateful – $50 isn’t a lot, but if you don’t have it, it’s a lot.

Manley noted that two churches in the association — Yahweh Baptist Church and East Marshall Baptist Church — sustained significant damage. One has been doomed and expectations are that the second will also be lost. One of them has already found a place to move, joining the services of an uncrowded church.

The association has three distribution centers to distribute the donated items. These are found at Zion’s Cause Baptist Church, Community Fellowship Church, and First Hispanic Baptist Church. “They’re all doing a great job,” Manley noted.


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