Got my kids an amazing Christmas gift from the charity shop and some bits for as little as 49p


CHRISTMAS is an expensive time of year and with the cost of living crisis putting a strain on many people’s pockets, chances are the thought of spending money on gifts will send shivers down your spine.

If you’re feeling nervous about shopping for Christmas presents this year, you’ve come to the right place, as a mum has revealed how she’s giving her two daughters amazing gifts, while keeping costs low.


A mother-of-two has bought her daughters some amazing Christmas gifts from a charity shop, some costing just 49pCredit: Tiktok – Rachel Hutchinson
Rachel Hutchinson bought board games, bath bombs, Barbies and more


Rachel Hutchinson bought board games, bath bombs, Barbies and moreCredit: Tiktok – Rachel Hutchinson
Rachel picked up these 99p bath bombs, which a TikTok user said cost £10 on Amazon


Rachel picked up these 99p bath bombs, which a TikTok user said cost £10 on AmazonCredit: Tiktok – Rachel Hutchinson

Mum-of-two Rachel Hutchinson, also known on TikTok as ‘rachmariex‘, recently shared a video of her charity shop carrying Christmas gifts.

Rachel has 52.5,000 subscribers and 1.1 million likes on the video-sharing platform and her latest clip shows off her stellar business.

While many parents may feel pressured to buy their kids tons of expensive gifts, this mom proves that you can still give your kids amazing gifts, but without having to spend money on new items.

Rachel has received a huge stack of great gifts from the charity shop, some of which cost her just 49p.

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She said: ‘What I have so far for Christmas for my little girls from the charity shop.

“I got this Magic Maths set which was £2.99 and it’s all there because I’m double-checking.

“I had these bath bombs which have slime in them, they were 99p.

“I have another Secret Safe diary because my other granddaughter has one, it was £2.99.

“I have this huge bag of Barbies, there are loads of different Barbies here and I’m going to dress them all, dress them all, they don’t know anything different and they were £3.99 and there’s really a lot of them here , plus plenty of small accessories.

“Then I gave them this Shaking Surgeon game which was £2.50 and again all the pieces are here.

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“I offered them this Number Dominoes which was £2.49.

“It’s the makeup box, it opens and then pulls out, you can also open the top part.

“I bought two pens from them, they were only 49p each and they have glitter all around, I think they are going to love them.”

Not only that, but Rachel also managed to get her hands on some brilliant Disney toys.

She continued: “Then I got these Disney animations, I got two of Elsa’s castle, they were £2.99 each and all the pieces are inside – they’re £18 on Disney.

“I also got Rapunezel’s castle with all the bits, again it was £2.99 too.

“Then I got the Tinkerbell one with all the pieces inside.

“I have this Frozen memory game.

“Then there are LOL dolls, they all cost me £1.

“I know how expensive it is because I’ve already paid full price.

“Now if you want a second part let me know cause I have so much more for Christmas”.

TikTok users have been very impressed with Rachel’s charity shop haul, and at the time of writing, her video had only been posted on TikTok 20 hours ago, but she quickly racked up 18.7,000 views.

It has 1,162 likes, 42 comments and 12 shares.

The parents were quick to comment on how great the gifts from Rachel’s charity shop were.

One person said: ‘They are going to have such a great Christmas – a fabulous working mum’.

Another added: ‘Amazing, I also have loads of goodies from charity shops, new labels, some don’t, but it’s crazy how the shops charge 5 times the price.’

A third commented: “Love it! Your girls will have a fabulous Christmas! Cheers, amazing shopping!”

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Someone else noted: “Poopsie bath bombs are £10 on Amazon!”

Meanwhile, another mum revealed, “Awesome!!! Gonna hit my charity shops. 1000% inspired me”.

She got a huge bag full of Barbies for just £3.99 for the set


She got a huge bag full of Barbies for just £3.99 for the setCredit: Tiktok – Rachel Hutchinson
She has Disney castles which originally cost £18 each


She has Disney castles which originally cost £18 eachCredit: Tiktok – Rachel Hutchinson
Rachel got a variety of great board games for just £2.99 each


Rachel got a variety of great board games for just £2.99 eachCredit: Tiktok – Rachel Hutchinson

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