Greenville Police Investigate After Woman Found Stolen Christmas Gifts From Car


GREENVILLE, NC (WITN) — Since August, Samantha Baker had been scavenging Christmas gifts she said were worth at least $900 for her three daughters from the trunk of her car.

“Video games, clothes, gift cards, etc., I had it in there,” Baker said. “Toys, Lol dolls, you know how expensive Lol dolls are. I had all that in there.

Baker said she kept it in the trunk and planned to surprise her daughters on Christmas Eve. But she said her heart sank on Friday when she opened her trunk in Greenville and found everything she had bought was gone.

“Sad, upset, angry,” Baker said. “It’s already hard like that right now, because of Covid, and then I’m disabled from a car accident. We’re already struggling like that, so when we had fun and got into debt trying to making sure they had a decent Christmas and then opening the trunk and it was all gone was heartbreaking.

Baker, who works as an Uber Eats driver, said she came home from work early Friday morning when she saw a car similar to hers, a white Nissan Sentra, parked outside her apartment. Baker said two strangers were outside.

Baker said she locked the car, but believes the trunk was opened by another key fob overnight.

“I know before that my key fob actually opened someone else’s trunk,” Baker said. “And what makes me doubt is because it was the exact same kind of car parked next to mine. Same color and everything. I feel like that was probably it. Because my car was locked, it was completely locked. I never leave it unlocked. And nothing inside was touched, just in the trunk.

Baker said she had worked hard to make sure her daughters had a good Christmas, but without the presents, Baker said it had been difficult trying to catch up on Christmas Eve.

“I tried to call everyone,” Baker said. “The Salvation Army isn’t responding, I mean, I’ve tried everyone.”

Baker said Greenville police filed a report Friday and police told WITN they were investigating. But if Baker can give any advice, it’s to pay more attention to anything suspicious.

“Make sure you know what they look like,” Baker said. “If you see a car you don’t recognize, get the license plate. Just as a precaution at this time of year, don’t do like me, bring your stuff home. You know, if you’re worried about your kids seeing it, hide it somehow.

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