Here’s when Michael will put up Christmas decorations in 2022


People can get pretty grumpy about decorating for the first few holidays: whether it’s Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, or the Solstice, some people just don’t want to see any until we’re well into December. But others can’t wait for that festive time of year and want to start their holiday decorating as soon as they’ve removed the Halloween cobwebs. If you like crafts or decoration, you certainly know Michael’s, the craft store that offers just about everything. But when will Michael release his decorations for Christmas, Hanukkah and other holidays in 2022?

When will Michael release Christmas stuff?

If you’re an early decorator, you’ve come to the right place. Most Michael locations will already have plenty of holiday decorations on display, with even more to come after Halloween. A YouTube user has posted an impressive holiday decor she received from Michael’s in August. So you’ll probably be able to get plenty even if you enter the store right now, but even more will be available in the coming weeks.

Buy Michael’s holiday decoration online now

If you don’t want to risk your local Michael not being in the holiday spirit yet (or just want to save time), you can browse their options online any time of the year. I’m in a house that celebrates both Christmas and Hanukkah, so I love that they have so many options for all the holidays. They have too many great decorations to choose from, but maybe I should go for these two, although I’m usually on the “last minute” side.

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This pop-up decoration would instantly make any fireplace or dining table ready for the festival of lights. Wooden houses of different sizes have lovely messages for the season, and the combination of the traditional Hanukkah blue with the more unexpected gingham pattern makes this decoration really pop. It’s available online only at the moment, so don’t look for it on the shelves just yet.

Even though we don’t really use them for their original purpose anymore, nutcrackers are still just the most essential holiday decor. This one has a fun twist and looks ready to hang out at your holiday party with its bottle of wine (and bunch of grapes) in tow. Whether you’re heading to the ballet or not, this nutcracker would look great as part of a holiday scene.

If you’re already in the holiday spirit, Michael’s has hundreds of options online so you can get your fix before you go browsing in person. Happy Holidays!


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