Here’s why you need pool noodles for Christmas decorations this year


We can almost welcome the most festive season of all – Christmas! And if you haven’t already, now might be the time to run to Marshall’s and the Dollar Store, so you can create giant Christmas decorations. Or you can also check your house for leftover summer treats, such as pool noodles.

Yes, you read that right, you can turn pool noodles into Christmas decorations. How? You request? I’m about to show you. Well, the creators of the TikTok channel @hometalk demonstrate this hack in their video.


It looks gorgeous! Like it was made by Martha Stewart herself and sold at Macy’s.

And all you have to do is run to the Dollar Store – if you’re out of pool noodles – grab a bunch, tinsel, ornaments, festive ribbon, copper wire, adhesive hooks and hot glue.

The first step is to attach a metal hook to the pool noodle, then wrap the garland around it, decorate it with ribbon, and stick on ornaments. Now you can hang it on your door – or door frame – with an adhesive hook. You can also turn it into a festive Christmas wreath, by folding the pool noodle over and tying the ends to form a circle, after wrapping the garland around it, but the process is the same. You can also create a corner wreath by cutting a square wreath shape in half, following the same process, then simply decorating the top corners of your door frame, and that’s it.

It’s also a great project to get the kids involved and busy!


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