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Kim Dorchak, of Beaverdale, said a white Christmas tree on an upper shelf in her house was given to her by her aunt, Virginia “Gin” Jakubac. Dorchak said it was purchased in the late 1960s by his parents Charles and Shirley Walls for his Aunt Gin for Christmas. “My mom and dad bought the tree from the Palyosik store in Sidman,” she said. “The white frame is plastic and there are multi-colored bulbs inside. When the tree is lit, the light shines through, giving the tree a beautiful glow that changes color. After 50 years, the tree still shines and gives her a glimpse of what Christmas could have been like when her parents, aunts and uncles were young adults decorating their home in the 1960s. “The village on the two lower shelves brings back wonderful memories of childhood Christmases at home in the late 1970s and early 1980s, ”Dorchak said. “The pieces were handcrafted by my mother’s friend Gladys Margo-Pepoy from St. Michael. My parents bought selected Gladys pieces every year, adding to the snowy village scene – from snowman houses to church and more. I watched with wide eyes mom carefully arranging the delicate pieces, just wishing I could play with them. All the while, Mom was reminding my older brother Dave and myself to be careful when we were playing nearby, and Santa was watching. Now it is my job to carefully arrange the village in my own home at Christmas.



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