Home Bargains Stocks £ 1.99 Snoop Alarm to Keep Anticipated Christmas Gifts Secret



Parents of curious children may have found a way to keep their first festive purchases a secret until Christmas morning.

Home Bargains spy alarm item costs customers £ 1.99. This is basically a motion activated alarm that will make a loud noise when it detects little hands rummaging through bags.

It was shared in a Facebook group and now the parents have jumped at the opportunity to grab the purchase opportunity.

Other alarms on the market cost up to £ 6, so this Home Bargains version is really a steal.

It’s great for families who have upped their game and started shopping in September, especially following a warning from LatestsDeals last week that buyers are expected to start early this year.

Over 1,000 people responded to the online post

In a Facebook deals group, one parent said, “Great if you have kids like mine who like to snoop around all of their gifts. I can’t wait for it to fire when they think they have a devious look. , £ 99 Home Bargains “

The Snoop alarm keeps kids from getting close enough to look at their party favors and emits a siren as loud as 90 decibels and a flashing red light.

A customer said: “You need this … like to stop you snooping”

“Could get this for the snack closet to stop Teddie from looting it,” another joked.

Another comment read: “I wish they had it when the kids were younger”

One customer said: “I would forget that and knowing my luck started when my daughter took a nap”

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