House known for its extreme decorations nicknamed “Christmas House”


A local couple has been decorating their home with extreme decorations for over 40 years.

The iconic house known for its extreme decorations has been dubbed “the Christmas house”.

Alice Tristan has been decorating her home with hundreds of holiday figurines and thousands of lights for over 40 years.

The house is on North 28th Street, adjacent to the old campus of Hillcrest Baptist Medical Center.

The tradition started when her daughter was hospitalized while on vacation.

“We wanted her to be able to see the lights through her window, so every year we put up as many lights and decorations as our Christmas present to the kids,” Tristan said.

Tristan is 72 years old today, but when she turned 60 she started an apprenticeship as an electrician.

“I learned a lot, and now my screen will only get bigger,” she said.

Her husband, AP Tristan, said: “She must start moving in September or October because every year she buys more and more decorations.”

Some Central Texas kids, Ava-Paige, Kannon, and Kash, come to see the “Christmas house” every year as a family tradition.

“We love coming here every Christmas Eve, it’s super fun,” Ava-Paige said.

Tristan said she loves the tradition of going all out with the Christmas decor and seeing the kids having a good time.

“I’ve been doing this every year, for 40 years, and I’ll continue because I love seeing the joy on the kids’ faces as they walk through the yard and take pictures with Santa,” Tristan said.


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