How to save money on kids’ Christmas gifts with tips from a savvy mom


As the cost of living crisis intensifies, parents will struggle this year to afford their children’s Christmas gifts. However, some stores offer toys, books, and other potential gifts for pennies.

A mum, called Rachel Hutchinson, or @rachmariex, on TikTok, has shared her top tips on how to grab a bargain in UK stores this Christmas.

Rachel posts videos on her TikTok to help other parents give their kids Christmas gifts.

Stores like B&M and Home Bargains are full of affordable gems, but Rachel revealed another store that many people seem to pass by and ignore: charity shops.

The savvy mum went to a charity shop, and her cheapest gift was just 49p.

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Rachel often does charity shopping and has shared many videos showing her shopping to viewers.

In her most recent video, she showed how she found a Disney Princess makeup box for £2.49 – “an absolute steal”.

She also bought a fur bucket hat, two colored gel pens, a tartan skirt and a £4.99 Zara bodywarmer, among other items.

Rachel also showed viewers other products on sale at Age UK, such as tiny succulents, furry slippers, black Chelsea boots, a TV and a good selection of children’s clothing.


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