I bought £10,000 worth of Christmas gifts without realizing it and I really regret it, but I feel like I can’t return them


A MAN who bought £10,000 worth of Christmas presents and had his card blocked by his bank has expressed regret over his overspending.

Cosmin Cernica left home at 16 to start his own business and worked hard to establish himself as a content creator.


Cosmin created his first company at 16Credit: @cosmincernica
Cartier and champagne are regulars at Cosmin


Cartier and champagne are regulars at CosminCredit: jvpublicity / @Cosmincernica

And since finding success, Cosmin has made it his mission to heal those he loves, especially since it’s been such a tough year.

But after he started buying Christmas presents in October, he realized he had gone too far when his card stopped working because he was paying for something.

It turned out he had managed to shell out an incredible £10,000 in just FOUR days.

“It was only one day that my card suddenly stopped working while I was paying for something,” he explained.

“Embarrassed apology to the cashier later, I immediately went home to call my bank and ask why. It was a mortifying experience.”

Once he spoke to the bank he found out they had put his card on hold as they believed it was “fraudulent activity”.

“I just couldn’t believe it,” he said.

“Even for me it’s a record, and I felt like I had to give my partner my card to stop me from spending.”

He admitted that while he “regrets” spending so much money on gifts, he couldn’t bring himself to take them back.

“It was already done, I imagined their faces opening them and it made me keep them,” he continued.

He said he would have taken back the presents but he couldn't bring himself to do so


He said he would have taken back the presents but he couldn’t bring himself to do soCredit: jvpublicity / @Cosmincernica
Some of the designer freebies Cosmin has shelled out


Some of the designer freebies Cosmin has shelled outCredit: jvpublicity / @Cosmincernica

“I had really gone too far this year and I felt completely stupid.”

While he vowed to “never spend that kind of money again”, Cosmin added that he can’t wait to see the “joy” on the faces of his friends and family on Christmas morning.

“At least my loved ones will have joy on their faces on Christmas Day with their new iPads, designer bags, new wardrobes and of course their handmade names in gold, my favorite kind of gift,” said he smiled.

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