I can barely afford Christmas presents for my children – I starve myself and we can’t even heat our house


A struggling mum wonders how she will afford Christmas this year after already cutting back on essentials like food and heating.

Faye Garland, 29, of Wolverhamptondesperate to make the festive holiday good for her children, but struggles to make ends meet.


Faye Garland says she can barely afford Christmas presents for her kids this yearCredit: BPM

With rising energy costs and soaring food prices, Faye has made tough choices to continue supporting her family.

After quitting her job because she couldn’t afford childcare, the mother-of-two is doing her best, but even supermarkets like Aldi seem out of reach.

She said birmingham live: “Sometimes I have to do without (eating), that’s how it is.

“Even when my kids want something, I can’t afford it. Before, I could give them whatever they wanted.”

With an asthmatic son, it is vital to ensure that he lives in a warm home, but the family must resort to other measures rather than relying on heating.

She says, “I had to use the heater because it’s an old house, but I noticed a difference. This amounted to £10 per day.

“I limit what I spend on certain things. We will have to wear extra clothes.”

As Christmas approaches, she worries about how she will give presents to the children.

Faye said: “I dread it.

“I can’t afford as much as I used to. I’m going to have to cut back. They won’t get as much as usual.”

The doting mum is one of many struggling to cover the cost of essentials, and the prospect of Christmas can add further stress to household budgets.

Millions of people are entitled to a one-time Christmas bonus this year to help them cope with rising costs.

The bonus is an additional £10 landing on the bank accounts of those who qualify.

Households on Universal Credit could get free cash assistance this Christmas that won’t need to be repaid.

Benefit calculators can help you check what you may be entitled to.

There are several benefit checker tools you can use – here’s our guide.

The prospect of Christmas can add additional stress to household budgets


The prospect of Christmas can add additional stress to household budgetsCredit: BPM

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