I do thousands of shopping and wrapping people’s Christmas gifts


THIS mom of two is like a real Santa Claus as she buys, wraps and delivers presents for a living.

Brenna Nichols, 44, is responsible for 1,000 freebies this year for strangers who pay her up to £35 an hour to shop for them.


Brenna Nichols earns thousands of dollars a year buying and wrapping gifts for other peopleCredit: Mercury

She started the business five years ago and works with clients from her US home in Illinois, discussing who the gift is for, before sending them a list of ideas to choose from.

Although Christmas is her busiest time of year, she is busy the rest of the year with birthdays, anniversaries, and even large-scale projects like throwing parties.

But Brenna describes Christmas time as her “Super Bowl.”

“I start in August for my regular clients, most of whom I’ve worked with for five years since I started,” she told Caters News.

“I know them quite well, and I know their families well too.

“They are my clients first, but they all become my friends because I am so involved in their lives.

“Gifts are about the personal connection between people, so to be involved in that is amazing.”

Brenna first started the business by helping her friends wrap gifts.

“I used to work in marketing, and the part I loved was connecting with people,” she explained.

“I left that job when I had my first son, Fisher, who is now 11, and I wanted something to do.

“I love wrapping presents, and my mum Sally loved wrapping, she had a whole room for it when I was younger.

“We redesigned our house a few years ago and we were also able to add a small packing room.

“One year I had finished my packing for the year, and I asked my friends if they needed any help, and everyone jumped on it.

“That’s when I thought it might turn into a business.”

She describes Christmas as the


She describes Christmas as the ‘Super Bowl’ of her yearCredit: Mercury
Things are going so well for Brenna that she even has a packing room in her house.


Things are going so well for Brenna that she even has a packing room in her house.Credit: Mercury

Brenna has done everything from stuffing Easter eggs for people, moving their elves for Elf to the shelf, putting on wreaths and whatever else they need.

“It’s been such a great joy to my life, like sometimes it’s just something, but usually it means so much more,” she smiled.

“I help people express themselves through giving, and I can start at any stage of the process.

“If someone just wants me to wrap something, I do it, but what I like to do is go through the whole process with someone.

“Usually people come to me with a gift situation, so obviously this time of year it’s Christmas, but it could be a birthday, an anniversary, whatever.

“They tell me about the person they want to surprise, and give me a budget, and we go from there.”

And Brenna also sorts out gifts for her own family.

“I’m pretty organized, I like details and logistics and that kind of stuff,” she said.

“I always make sure my family and kids are done, usually in November, so there are no worries for me there.

“My family is awesome, they come and bring me snacks and refill my water bottle while I work.”

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