I’m a Walmart Super Fan – Check Out the Christmas Gifts and Decorations That Are Already in Stores for Just $1


ALTHOUGH it’s only October, Christmas items are already hitting store shelves.

It seems like holiday decorations are being put up earlier and earlier each year.


Walmart is already loading holiday treats onto their shelvesCredit: TikTok / walmartovereverything
Tons of Christmas decorations were also part of the $1 sections


Tons of Christmas decorations were also part of the $1 sectionsCredit: TikTok / walmartovereverything
These cute cups with lids were only $1


These cute cups with lids were only $1Credit: TikTok / walmartovereverything

This year we’ve seen some stores offering Halloween and other fall goodies over the summer.

Walmart superfan WalmartOverEverything shares Christmas finds that have already hit the supermarket on TikTok.

For just $1, you can stock up on gifts and decorations before the supply has already been picked up.

While it may seem early, shopping well before the holidays is a common practice among bargain shoppers who always get the best deals.

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What’s for sale

There were holiday gifts and decorations in the dollar section.

Although this store seems to have a decent stock, availability and prices vary from store to store.

Here is the full list of what you can grab for $1:

  • Two different holiday mugs
  • Holiday Printed Stacking Bowls
  • Christmas tree cups with lids
  • Wooden decorations in different shapes and colors
  • cutting board with holiday prints
  • Printed plastic plates for parties in different designs
  • Christmas Themed Shopping List Notepad
  • Holiday printed plastic cups

More soon

Walmart isn’t the only store rolling out holiday treats earlier.

Home Goods already offers decorations and gifts at unbeatable prices.

Taylor Nelson is a self-proclaimed “shopaholic” who posts video footage of her massive shopping sprees and errands, including her recent Home Goods trip.

From trees to snow globes, Home Goods had a variety of trendy pastel decorations for 2022.

There was a seemingly endless supply of holiday mugs featuring Christmas characters like Santa Claus and Mrs. Claus.

If you prefer to drink your holiday coffees on the go, try one of the dozens of travel tumblers that were in stock.

You can also find a Christmas kettle to make your hot drinks extra festive from start to finish.

Add holiday spirit to every room in your home, even the bathroom with soap dispensers and shower curtains.

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Enjoy more time at home this winter with Sam’s Club’s new vacation service.

Plus, check out other $1 deals at Walmart.


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