Inside Teen Mom Chelsea Houska’s Christmas Decorations in South Dakota’s Dream Home with a Tree in Every Kid’s Room


IT’s starting to look a lot like Christmas inside Chelsea Houska’s house, which has a tree adorned in every child’s room.

The former Teen Mom 2 moved into her new home in South Dakota last December, making it the first full Christmas season spent in her new home.


Trees are erected and decorated in Chelsea Houska’s houseCredit: Chelsea Houska / Instagram
Layne helped decorate her own tree


Layne helped decorate her own treeCredit: Chelsea Houska / Instagram

And Chelsea, 30, seems to spare no expense when it comes to decorating, revealing that even her children have their own trees.

In an Instagram video showing three-year-old Layne’s tree, Chelsea explained: “We’re going to decorate Layne’s tree.

“It’s Layne’s tree in her bedroom, it’s like pink (downstairs) and it’s going up to white.”

Chelsea revealed that the tree came from Amazon and was decorated with ornaments from their local target.

The mum revealed that her daughter Aubree, 12, and her son Watson, four, are also getting their own trees and will soon be decorating them as well.

The news of the Tree for All has received mixed reactions online.

An Instagram user was echoed by the site, commenting: “Lol oh my god a tree in the children’s room?”

While another replied, “I made it for my children. All these ornaments that they make themselves, looking all crazy, have gone on their own trees.”


Chelsea and her husband Cole DeBoer has certainly enjoyed their new home, since moving into the farm in December 2020.

The couple built their dream farm on their own, having purchased land in Vermillion, South Dakota, and started building there in early 2020.

The farmhouse has hardwood floors throughout, while the kitchen has white cabinetry with a black island for contrast, stainless steel appliances, and granite countertops.

The living room has a black brick fireplace and windows up to the ceiling, while the house has a modern farmhouse feel.


The new owner’s decision to paint the house black was met with skepticism.

One person said, “Never!

Another wrote: “Bird girdle though.”

A third criticism intervened: “Joey is already shaking his head.”

One commenter pointed out: “I don’t think it works when your house is tiny lol.”

Last year, the former MTV star shared an update on building his farm in South Dakota.

Chelsea wrote: “When was the last time I showed off? My dad went out and took some really awesome drone pics the other day and I HAD to share.

“Love it. It’s crazy to think how close we are to being done !!”

Chelsea Houska, Aubree DeBoer, Cole DeBoer, Walker DeBoer, Layne DeBoer, Watson DeBoer,


Chelsea Houska, Aubree DeBoer, Cole DeBoer, Walker DeBoer, Layne DeBoer, Watson DeBoer,Credit: Chelsea Houska / Instagram
The ornaments go on the tree


The ornaments go on the treeCredit: Chelsea Houska / Instagram
The family celebrates Christmas in 2020


The family celebrates Christmas in 2020Credit: Chelsea Houska / Instagram

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