Jacksonville groups deliver Christmas gifts to Title 1 schools


Fighting the Grinch known as Inflation is a group of people who visited 14 schools in Jacksonville on Monday to spread holiday cheer.

JACKSONVILLE, Fla – It’s the most wonderful time of the year, but your wallet may not be singing the same tune.

Higher prices for basic necessities due to inflation are causing many people to pinch their pennies this holiday season. Reports show that money is the #1 stressor for Americans and most people worry about their financial situation.

Fighting the Grinch known as Inflation On Monday, a group of people from multiple organizations made 14 stops around Jacksonville at Title 1 schools to spread Christmas cheer.

The Giving Closet Project, The Bethel Church and Soles 4 Souls delivered $4 million in gifts, including high-end clothing, winter gloves and wallets.

“Each box probably contains close to $10,000 worth of merchandise,” said Jennifer Smith, founder of The Giving Closet Project.

The merchandise came from a partner company. The students were thrilled to receive a gift themselves, and some of the gifts will go to their parents.

“There is something for my father! cried a child.

“To be able to offer their parents a token of appreciation for all that they do, I think it goes back again [to] how selfless they are,” said Mychelle Grover, principal of Andrew Robinson Elementary School. “They learn that from our community and our wonderful teachers here at Andrew Robinson.

As families spend 6.8% more on basic necessities due to inflation, community groups are working to ease the financial worries that three in four Americans say weigh on them.

“Especially in areas where we know there might be children who might need it and can be blessed with it,” said Bethel Church senior pastor Rudolph McKissick, Jr.

“As a community, we are struggling,” Smith said. “As a country we are struggling, and it is such a blessing for them.”

If you know of a student who needs help with clothing or hygiene items, refer them to the Giving Closet project here.


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