Jason Manford Mercilessly Laughs – And Breaks – Loose Women Christmas Decorations


The comedian was a guest on Wednesday’s daily talk show where he wreaked havoc in the studio when he picked up a collection of Christmas lights and slammed them on a piano – smashing them

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Loose Women: Jason Manford laughs at Christmas decorations hilariously

Jason Manford was the guest of Loose Women on Wednesday – but might not be invited to return after trashing studio Christmas lights.

The 40-year-old comedian was on the show to promote his upcoming tour – and also to perform for the ladies on the ITV show’s panel.

Wednesday’s episode was hosted by Christine Lampard and had a star panel consisting of Jane Moore, Coleen Nolan and Linda Robson.

And while the ladies were delighted to welcome Jason to the show, he himself was not impressed with the setup he was given for his singing performance.

Jason Manford smashed Christmas lights on set Loose Women on Wednesday



Next to the Loose Women desk was a grand piano covered in fairy lights for the comedian’s big performance.

But Jason was not impressed with the arrangement of the twinkling lights that had been placed on top of the grand piano – which he said appeared to have been thrown on the instrument after the fact.

Getting up from behind the piano, Jason complained, “What I also love is that someone was like ‘Can we do this Christmas?’

He slammed the lights on a piano – smashing them



He then laughed at someone who threw the lights on the set saying, “Yeah. Here is.”

He removed the lights from the top of the piano table, then slammed them over the top of the surface – causing some of the lights to break.

As the panel burst into laughter, Christine noticed that the lights had been damaged by Jason’s antics.

She gasped, “They just got out too.”

The actor was not very impressed with the decorations presented by the production team of Loose Women.



While Jane cried out, “You just broke them!”

Jason acknowledged his destruction saying, “I broke them. ‘That should do’.”

Earlier on the show, the women of Loose Women discussed taking children to work in light of the news that Labor MP Stella Creasy had been reprimanded for taking her three-month-old son to Parliament.

Jason joked that he was working so hard to “get away” from his own children – adding “they’re in school, they won’t see that”.

Addressing Stella’s plight in the House of Commons, he also laughed, “All that whining and crying and moaning – that’s gonna keep the baby awake!”

The Loose Women panel debate, however, stirred rage among viewers – who took to Twitter to criticize the show for failing to promote better rights for working mothers.

Team Loose Women angered some viewers with their debate on bringing kids to work



An enraged fan tweeted: “@loosewomen absolutely destroying equality by discussing how mothers shouldn’t bring their babies to work saying ‘female pilots’ can’t work with a baby attached to them. This is not exactly the point we are really talking about of equal access to democracy. Women must represent, stand up.

Another argued that the parenting debate was too one-sided and that men could be made responsible for caring for children.

The unimpressed fan tweeted: “@loosewomen talks a lot about women taking babies to work! What about the men? Can’t they take the child to work? Answer #flexibleworking.

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