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BBC Radio 2’s Jeremy Vine revealed a criminal ‘hit his family over Christmas week’ in his latest Twitter post. The star shared the CCTV footage of the “porch hacker” who stole the package with his 774,100 followers.

Jeremy, 56, tweeted: “I now understand EXACTLY how the ‘Porch Pirate’ hit my family Christmas week…

“And okay, lesson learned, this is the last time I name a large open box as a safe place.” Looked.”

The presenter attached a video below the tweet capturing the moment the thief stole the package from the family’s alleged “safe location”.

The video begins with a DHL delivery man ringing Jeremy’s doorbell, before determining that the family is not home.

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“I now wish I had placed a little smoke bomb in the box,” the reporter joked.

“Unfortunately that didn’t happen,” he added, as the man walked over to the gray box and pulled out the large package.

“Now the masterstroke,” Jeremy announced, “He’s checking we’re out, posing as a delivery guy.”

At the time of the caption, the thief can be seen heading for Jeremy’s front door with the package, pretending to knock and wait a few moments, before driving off with it on his bike.

“If he’s watching…I hope you enjoyed our presents buddy,” Jeremy finished sarcastically as the video drew to a close.

The clip comes after Jeremy’s earlier announcement that his family had been targeted by the thief.

A few hours earlier on Twitter, he had written: “I was hit by a Porch Pirate a few days ago.

“At 11.25 the @dhlexpressuk guy leaves a delivery at an agreed location; at 12.07 the Pirate appears.

“Is he following the van? He knew exactly where to go. Package stolen, box found gutted 100 meters away by a nice neighbor. (sic)

Jeremy is best known as the host of his midday show on BBC Radio 2, which he has hosted since 2003.

The presenter also hosts Channel 5’s Eggheads quiz program and has presented his own daily news show on Channel 5 called Jeremy Vine since September 2018.


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