Jessica Barefield hides Christmas gifts like Easter eggs


Pittsburgh native Jessica Barefield knew this hilltop home was a rare find in the flatlands of North Texas. Having lived in five different homes in four states, Jess, interior designer at Jessica Barefield Studio, is well versed in creating spaces where her artistically inclined family thrives.

As a mother of three, she limits hallway decking to an amount that can be done in the space of a day. “I feel like decorating is something that evolves over time,” says Barefield. “I want it to be traditional, but also modern. It can be hard to find, so I keep my eyes peeled during the holidays and pick up anything that catches my eye.

“Black and white is our thing, so we were really excited to paint the stairs black,” says Jess Barefield. “I really wanted to do something that made the entrance stand out.”
Elizabeth Lavin

In the spirit of modern and traditional holidays, Barefield and her husband, William “Trip” — a rapper, author, and speaker — started a number of holiday traditions with their children. But their most personal custom is also Barfield’s favorite: Trip writes the lyrics and melody to an original holiday song, then on Christmas Eve the whole family goes to his home studio to record it. “One day we’ll have a whole album full of songs to embarrass the kids with,” Barefield laughs.

Oh what fun

Starting a family means starting your own family traditions – an exciting activity prospect for new parents. But it’s important to keep your expectations realistic and allow traditions to evolve as children grow. With their own family’s holiday traditions, Jess and Trip Barefield are aware of their children’s level of interest.

Jessica Barefield kitchen table
Floating shelves house a mix of vintage glassware and vessels from Lula B’s antique shop, as well as a few pieces of pottery from Barefield.
Elizabeth Lavin
Jessica Barefield Music Room
Trip’s studio is fully soundproofed and lined with Sherwin-Williams “Greenblack” shelving to house his extensive book collection.
Elizabeth Lavin

For example, Jess says of her holiday decorating, “I usually pick a random day to decorate while the kids are at school and they’re always surprised and excited when they get home and the tree is up. . I want to decorate with them eventually, because it was a tradition we had in my family. Corn right now they just want to enjoy the end result.


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