Kerry Katona’s stolen car with her children’s Christmas presents inside



Kerry Katona’s car was stolen while shopping with two of her children in Oldham on Thursday.

Kerry, 41, posted a tearful video on Instagram shortly after the incident criticizing the ‘absolute b ******’ who stole her car and called on fans to call the police if they spot it.

Kerry also described chasing thieves down the street after realizing her Range Rover had been stolen with “tons of Christmas presents in the trunk”.

The personalized plate reads: KA17 ONA.

She filmed herself at a JD Sports store in Elk Mill Shopping Park, Kerry fought back tears as she shared how her keys were taken out of her pocket as she walked in to do other shopping with her daughters Heidi, 14 and seven years. -old DJ: “My car was stolen, I’m in Oldham, I’m with Heidi and my daughter DJ. It’s a private reg with Katona.”

She sobbed, “I’m just letting everyone know that me and the kids are doing absolutely fine.” They have CCTV footage of what’s going on. I was told that they were watching my car on Sunday in front of the hotel where I am staying. I was completely and totally targeted. I feel absolutely violated. I just want to go home. “

“If anyone sees it, call the police, there are all the Christmas presents on the back. There is a Louis Vuitton bag on the back, there are iPads on the back. So if someone finds him, please, please call the police. “

She said she was just coming out of a store when she saw the car start and noted that “my key was in my pocket”.

“I left the kids and just chased them. I chased them all the way to the top. Good job, I didn’t get them – they could have had a knife or whatever.”

Furious at the thieves, she said: “Absolutely b …… s who did it, we come shopping with the kids. We called the police I’m stranded. Lovely people in the shop are so nice … it’s a private reg with Katona, and it’s blue. Did you see me chasing him? I just chased him … So if anyone finds him or sees him, everyone knows my car. It’s an SVR, it’s blue with a KA17ONA license plate. “

She pleaded for the sightings of the car to be reported: “There are Christmas presents in the back. it’s just a car at the end of the day but i’m really angry. Please, everyone, be careful.



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